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    Idea for another shard?

    I think it might be a good idea if you guys try to make a 7 day shard of speed or 30 day version of the shard. Basically I like having faster speed but I don't really like additional experience...
  2. Thread: lossing troops

    by TheHex

    Dear Mod Aericura I would love to report my...

    Dear Mod Aericura
    I would love to report my findings so far,and sadly I doubt clearing cache should help. Speaking from my experience, the problem was mainly because of "involuntary logging out"...
  3. actually, this happens when we're "logged out"...

    actually, this happens when we're "logged out" from the website. It happens after a long time playing (probably 2 hours+). When we're logged out from the site, it would give us worse lag.
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