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    Visa is not working - do not use it. Use some...

    Visa is not working - do not use it. Use some shit a la paypal. Perhaps this will work.
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    event still not working...

    event still not working...
  3. cannot buy any package on the web site - second day

    Still cannot buy anything on the web site in the shop - same thing. Please fix the issue or extend the happy hour. Perhaps it is done on purpose - when happy hour announced, you guys shut down the...
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    Same thing here - no event quest giver and...

    Same thing here - no event quest giver and trader, but I see battles and gets something like Event:No event things. Please fix it.
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    expedition is extremely laggy in battles

    Last 3-4 days I have issue with expedition 1 - every time I going there I have battle stuck at first 1-2 rounds. Had to relog frequently to complete the battle. It was much better couple of weeks...
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    Sticky: unplayable again over weekend - huge lags, no chat

    Well, this is again the same today as it was yesterday and last weekend - huge lags - up to two rounds, no chat. All workdays everything was Ok, so this is clearly problem with peak load on the...
  7. same thing again - each weekend lags are huge, chat is not working

    Well, this is second week - same thing all over. Lags are huge - up to two rounds. Chat is not working. You guys definitely need to beef up the server capacity and/or network. All workdays it was...
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