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    Delete my profile

    I'm looking for a way to delete my profile from this game but without success.
    The reasons for that are really important for me but this is not a place to talk about it. I'm waiting for an answer...
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    Explanation of Prime reap Magic

    It says. Link the hero with target and increases the hero attack with each active positive or negative effect on the target
    The second part is clear to me even though it does not work but what "link...
  3. Human Void Herald decided. You shall not pass( heal )

    Some serious healing problems in the dragon's teeth region. You start battle with max units but you cant heal them all the way back.This is most likely caused by Human Void Herald and no matter what...
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    I do not have chat for three days now. :( I did...

    I do not have chat for three days now. :(
    I did not had it and after first chat issue
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