Dragon children,

The Crimson Traders have been seen on their way to Blackbough, Namtaru’s Claws, Whispering Plains and Lightlands. They are on the hunt for a special metal which is pretty rare in Ashan - Mercury. In order to collect as much Mercury as possible, the Crimson Traders are offering you 3 different units and a unique attire set. Neither the units nor the attire set can be obtained regularly in the game, only the Crimson Trader will offer them to you. The traders will stay available to you only for the duration of the event.
The Crimson Quest Giver offers you a special quest in which you can earn the Mercury. But be careful, the encounters you have to face are strong and will always adapt to your hero’s level.

When can we play the event?
You can accept and finish the event quests from 23.10.2014 12:00 CEST until 30.10.2014 12:00 CEST. The Crimson trader will be available for 2 days longer. However, after the Crimson Trader is gone, you can’t trade your Mercury in for the event troops or attire set anymore.

What happens with my Mercury after the event?
After the Crimson Quest Giver has vanished, you will be able to trade in your Mercury for 2 more days. Meaning that the Crimson Trader will disappear on the 2nd of November at 12:00 CEST. Once the Crimson Trader is gone you will have no usage for the Mercury.

Who can participate in the event?
All Heroes above level 6 can participate in the event.

Can I get more than one type of event troops?
There are 3 different event troops – the Goblins, the Maulers and the Thunderbirds. If you collect enough Mercury you can get all 3 of them, given that you have the Hero level to handle Advanced Elite (Level 12) and Advanced Champion (Level 22) Creatures.

How do I get Mercury?
You will get Mercury if you defeat the Escaped Beastmen that have appeared all over Ashan. You get even more Mercury if you finish the event quests which can be accepted at a special Crimson Trader Event NPC. Or you can purchase Mercury in the shop.

Where can I find the Crimson Trader event NPCs?
The Crimson Trader and the Crimson Quest giver can be found near your town in every province. Here you can accept and finish the event quests and trade in your Mercury for the event troops or the attire set.

Crimson QuestGiver

Crimson trader

Can you tell us a bit more about the event troops?
We will introduce all three units in the coming days. We highly recommend visiting our website and Facebook page regularly in the next days

What is special about the event encounters?
Those encounters can only be fought in expert mode. This means they will always be challenging and adapt to your hero’s level. The event encounters are only available as long as the Crimson Quest Giver is around. Once the Quest Giver left, the event encounters will be gone too.