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Thread: The Thunderbirds

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    The Thunderbirds

    Dear Heroes,

    It is time for another ”We would like your opinion”-vote.

    This time it is about the event creatures we have introduced with the Crimson Traders event, in particular about the Thunderbirds.

    The Status:
    The ability “Chain Lightning” scales with the Magic value of the heroes. All heroes with a real high Magic value will have high damaging Thunderbirds, which is not as intended.

    The Results
    *The Thunderbirds are almost useless for Might Heroes, as they are usually weaker in Magic.
    *Magic Heroes are in favor now, as they have a unit which gets more and more powerful when their Magic value goes up.

    The Questions:
    Do you want us to change the Thunderbirds to scale with Might instead of Magic. This is more fair for all players but it might be unfair for players who have bought the Thunderbird because of its ability to scale with Magic of the Hero? [Option 1]


    Do you want us to not change the Thunderbirds right now. But introduce a new unit/fixed version of the Thunderbird with the next event which balances this out. All Thunderbirds from the latest event won’t change then? [Option 2]

    All your votes will be counted and we will do exactly whichever the outcome of this poll is! So either we will change the existing Thunderbirds or introduce another one with the next event.

    This poll will be closed at Monday the 10th of November at 12:00CET

    Kind regards,
    Your MMHO-Team
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    Most of the people play magic characters that does not want to see their units lowered. But honestly there should be done something about it, im not saying this bevause i play a might character but knowing that people can single shot entire groups of units in a single round isn't something fun....

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    I agree with Mark, there is already enough imbalance between the two hero factions so lets try and get that playing field leveled out

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    I want Black Dragons, who are immune to those birds' magic please!
    Hibernating and waiting for Black Dragons

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