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Thread: Changelog Version 126

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    Changelog Version 126

    Dear Heroes,

    We would like to inform you about the latest changes we have deployed today. We have put a huge focus on the bug fixes and also deployed a few new features.

    After the deployment of this version the chats are not working as they should, we are working very hard on fixing this and we will deploy a hotfix as soon as it is available.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and patience while we are fixing this.

    Stadium of Strife
    In the Temple of the Knights, in the Whispering Plains, the way has been opened to the Stadium of Strife, an ancient test of skill and tactics. In the Stadium of Strife you will encounter (nearly) endless Multi-Stage-Battles which offer you valuable rewards after each stage. You aren’t able to recruit new units between the stages and the right composition of the army is essential for being successful in the Stadium of Strife. Each Hero which is brave enough to accept the challenge can do so once per day.

    Luck rework
    Our Team has rebalanced the luck statistics a bit. A player should now have a bigger chance to deal critical damage against enemies early in the game and the overall critical damage at Max Luck has been decreased slightly.

    Boss and Siege battles – Battle power
    Before you start a Boss or a Siege Battle you are now able to see the Battle Power of the enemy. This should help you to evaluate the outcome of the battle better.

    Hero Seals purchase confirmation
    Before the latest patch, players weren’t informed in-game when they bought Hero Seals. From now on, you will receive an in-game message when Hero Seals are booked to your account after purchasing them.

    Stuck in quest issue
    Our team had a look at the various reports we have received from you and they have reworked many quests and fixed the issues identified with them. However, as you might be aware: we have hundreds of quests in the game. As we have to check each quest individually, we look forward to your feedback whenever you find a quest, where you still get stuck.

    We have also added the option to cancel completed quests.

    Minor Improvements
    Two additional Scribes in the Lightlands
    Descriptions have been added to each Town Building
    All Relic Sets can now get completed

    Threat level renamed
    The Threat Level Name for Average and Challenging difficulty has been switched, as many players mentioned that ‘Average’ should be easier than ‘challenging’ ones. The new order of Threats is now:
    • Easy
    • Average
    • Challenging
    • Severe
    • Deadly

    Bug fixes
    1. Construction licenses shouldn’t get lost after demolishing an upgraded building
    2. Players should receive small reward for losing a PvP ranked fight
    3. Tikaar's Artefact Set can now be completed
    4. Quest “Pebbles in a Sand Heap" can be completed
    5. Quest "Awaiting Reinforcements" can be completed
    6. Daily quest "Ye of Great Faith" should always work now
    7. Heroes don’t lose their Story quests any longer. This should solve the dead end in the Whispering Plains
    8. Stacked DoTs and HoTs do show the amount of inflicted damage/restored health
    9. “Error 25” should no longer show up
    10. Battle Chat should always work now
    11. The Desert Explorer shows the correct quest dialog now
    12. Quest: A Wash with Light doesn’t show too many items
    13. Quest: Between Light and Faith quest doesn’t show too many items
    14. Merge creature popup can be closed
    15. The Necro Might Forgotten Sites Map on level 10 doesn’t contain a blocked encounter any longer
    16. Localization bug in the description of the quest "Další podvodník" (Another crook on the wall) has been fixed
    17. Troop Dwellings give sufficient feedback now when troops cannot be recruited
    18. Hero Status Menu: Appearance: Outdated Reverse Changes Button removed
    19. Travel Map should not flicker any more when hovering over destination icon and line linking simultaneously
    20. Sar Khayn has always a task for the player while he is following
    21. The void member in the battle against Erion in the Lightslands shouldn’t die as fast as before
    22. The HP value of the Magic batteries in the Lightlands has been reduced
    23. Coop Raids: Raid names shouldn’t be displayed truncated any longer
    24. The clipping issue in the fight against the Spider Cult Priest in Namtaru’s Claws has been solved
    25. The Close Button of the Battle Conclusion should close the menu immediately now
    26. “No retaliation” text shows explaining text now beside its header
    27. Player should be able to log in now. The problem with the stuck loading bar is fixed
    28. Shop: Attire Sets: Items: Required Class isn’t displayed twice in tooltip any longer
    29. Coop Raid: Reward Screen looks fine when raid level has already been unlocked
    30. Hero Selection: Hero Preview Buttons shouldn’t overlap
    31. Shop: Gift: Starter Sets should not be giftable any longer
    32. Hero Attire: Death Knight Progression Weapon design has been changed
    33. Troop Converter NPC removed from the game
    34. Namtaru's Claws: Battles: not all battles are threat level "easy" any longer
    35. Challenge Maps: Rewards: Metal Reward has been adjusted to the hero level
    36. Runes and Shards don’t keep running now while the player is in the Forgotten Sites
    37. PvP Arena: Interface: Timer Overlay before Battle start cannot be hidden with ESCAPE
    38. Quest: “Black Fangs, Black Eyes” should be solvable now
    39. Quest: "The Brink of Existence" possible exploit has been fixed
    40. Daily Quests: Collect XY: Abort: Aborting quests shouldn’t break their mechanic
    41. Troops: The Elders: They aren’t displayed as foot type any longer
    42. Nar-Heresh: Quest: “Desperate Measures”: Minimap Marker is always visible now
    43. Namtarus Claws: Quest: “All the Queens Spiderlings”: Battle Goal should work now
    44. Blackbough: Greystone: Quest: “Bridge over Troubled Waters”: Quest Pet shows a proper icon in the according on screen text now
    45. Level Up Screen: The correct value of additional Skill Points is shown now
    46. Action Points: Action Point tooltip beside the Hero Portrait has been removed
    47. Towns: Interface doesn’t "remember" last status of the town when opening next town
    48. Coop raid: Fortification Screen: Perk text has a tooltip now
    49. Battlemaps: Player should be able to do a useful move every time
    50. Quest: "Black Fang Bandit" the Necro catapult damage has been adjusted
    51. Battlemaps: Assets: Hexfields aren’t located above assets any longer
    52. Battle Map Layout: Lightlands: Hexfield issues have been solved
    53. Info mode: Boss Ability "Putrefy Flesh": shown damage value has been corrected
    54. Guild Quests: Quests goals aren’t changing when traveling
    55. Town: Graphics: Workers Hall Wood positon does match the environment now
    56. Quest: “Take Your Medicine”: Text has been changed
    57. Falcon´s Reach: Vendor NPC´s aren’t standing on tables any longer
    58. New Abilities: Painful Bond: Affected creatures with Spin attacks don’t hit every enemy unit
    59. First Ore Encounter in Whispering Plains guards an adjusted ore node now
    60. Player isn’t placed in wrong place when traveling to Mandible bay any longer
    61. Challenge Maps: Creatures: Abilities: Entangles of Cavern Fate Weavers can’t be dispelled by Sun Riders Sun Steed now
    62. Coop battle invitation: Text isn’t displayed cut off when the name of the location is too long
    63. Spellbook: Tooltips of tabs are consistent now and don’t show wrong information any longer
    64. Clipping Issues on PvP and Coop Map have been solved
    65. Tutorial: Siege Battle: Damaging Walls: Information in tutorial has been corrected
    66. Coop Raids: Cutoffs in texts have been fixed
    67. The player is informed when the Happy Hour Event begins
    68. Coop Raids: Battle Arrangement: Threat Level isn’t displayed cut off any longer
    69. PvP mode: If player leaves the fight at the waiting screen he doesn’t earn rating points
    70. Coop Raid: Perks: Trail of the Mage: Tool tips show correct information now
    71. Coop raids 11/12: Names of Trials are corresponding to the names of Trials in statistic now
    72. Quest: "Hunt for Crimson": Grammar issue in Quest description has been solved
    73. Icon of Combo Shard has been changed
    74. PvP Arena: Happy Hour: Toastmessage: Text isn’t displayed cut off any longer
    75. Some additional minor text and graphic changes have been done
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    Hotfix 17-11-2014

    A hotfix for the chats has been applied.

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    Hotfix 19-11-2014

    A hotfix for server stability has been applied.

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