Dear Heroes,

This is a rather small release with only one new feature and a few bug fixes. In our community development roadmap we have informed you about several big things the team is currently working on. Have a look at the road map if you haven’t done yet so far to find out what the team is working on.

UI changes
We have applied several changes to the UI and added one new option to it: When you don’t have enough resources to purchase an item, there now is a Quick Purchase option. In this Popup you can now purchase all missing resource packages at the best value composition without the need to visit the shop and Inventory first. If you already own Resource Packages you can now also directly activate them from here.

Bug fixes
1. Tutorial: Dragon Knight Level Tutorial triggers too late
2. Mercury does stack properly now
3. "The Line Of Full Resistance" achievement can now be completed
4. Town: Worker's halls are not updated when time runs out.
5. Whispering Plains: Province Map and Game World are inconsistent
6. Tutorial map is not fully revealed, although players completed the tutorial successfully
7. Fly to Animation at Trader, even when purchase not successful
8. Battle Animations: Blazing Glories: Teleport animation does always use the same speed
9. Some Guild quests gave too high rewards and were too difficult
10. Some quests not granting CLs when they should
11. "False Prophets" (2280020) quest cannot be completed on 2nd day
12. Storyline stuck right after the 2nd fight with Sandro
13. "By The Spider's Legs" can't be completed if player was disconnected while performing battle related to it.
14. Manual rename messes up guild system
15. Crimson Event: Quest: Hunt for Mercury: Quest Book: No valid quest location
16. PvP Arena: Inventory is full when picking up a Battle Ranking Reward
17. PVP Arena: Battle Rank Reward is only shown after relog/refresh
18. PVP Arena: Text: Battle Rank: "Needed Battle Points for next level" description is cut off
19. New Tutorial for Defeat added
20. Town Icon slightly repositioned