Dear heroes,

We have finished the deployment of version 133. A lot of things have been changed, updated and fixed.

As this is the last regular deployment for 2014 we would like to take the opportunity and thank you for the feedback, bug reports and ideas we have received from you. In the now ending year, we changed a lot in MMHO. Especially the balancing of MMHO allows us now, to develop the game further, which wasn’t that easy with the original balancing. We have already informed you about some of the updates we are planning for the near future and we will update you again in January 2015 about the status of the game.

But let’s start with the change log now:

Prestige Points
The Prestige Points are a new type of currency which can be earned by playing with other players together. You can get them for finishing Guild Quests, for inviting friends from Coop Raids and PvP matches. With the prestige points you can go shopping at a special trader and will unlock exclusive rewards, including Construction Licenses.

New Resource Bar
We have changed the Resource Bar at the top of the Screen to make space for the new Prestige Points. The order of Resources was also slightly changed to have Troop and Town Resources sitting together in the order they unlock.

UI Changes
You are now able to see easily how much more XP you get by using an XP shard. Next to this the game provides you the information how much more XP you could get through an XP Booster in case that you haven’t equipped one.

Battle improvements
We have adjusted the balancing of some neutral creatures to fit better in to the world of Ashan.

Covenant Night event
We have prepared the game for the Covenant Night event. The event will start on the 19th of December and ends on the 26th of December. Furthermore you will find little presents in the provinces which contain small rewards for collecting them and some Twilight Trees have been placed.

Bug fixes
* It is possible to revive the reinforcements
* Mauler hits twice, even when the Mauler died after the first hit
* Damage done with Baleful Gaze triggers Life leech
* Inability to sell dye from weekly bosses
* [LOC][ALL] SHOP: 30 Day Enemy Details License: Reference to ACTION POINTS is now invalid
* Weakened Army Tutorial PopUp does not mention where to replenish Troops
* Haven hero suddenly with Necropolis starting quests
* [LOC][ITA][Chapter 3][The Whispering Plains][Wrong text][Multiple Line IDs] Some Shrines are displayed as others.
* Town: Workers' Halls: instant build/upgrade costs shown on the button differ from its tooltip
* Hero seals are multiple times deducted when the connection is slow
* Troop Dwellings: Advanced Troops: Recruiting Slider was not correctly displayed
* Chain in necro capital looks low quality
* Achievements Merchant Rewards:Usability Issue: Naming System is Inconsistent for the same items
* Blocking: Rhianna: Hero can pass through the middle of Rhianna
* Coop Raids: Fortification Screen is sealed before the Player put a Seal on it
* "To Train A Dragon" (2200585) not tracking previously gained Raid Levels
* Ranking: Wrong 1st Place displayed in Ranking Overview
* AI: Enemy Surrender: enemy will still attack you after he surrenders when you attack him when he is waving white flags
* PVP Arena: Battle Rank Reward is only shown after relog/refresh
* Crash in Victory Dialog of Forgotten Sites
* Giant Swarm Wyvern: Void aura: Void shell doesn't vanish if creature is killed with "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
* Hero Seal transaction mail: no text displayed (null)
* Merge-Creatures-Popup: Popup cannot be hidden, if you don't want to merge your Creatures

Best regards,
Your MMHO Team