Dear Heroes,

After he became the Seventh Dragon, Sar Elam started to negotiate with the Angels and the Faceless to end the Elder Wars. His negotiations came to a point where the Angels were forced to sign a treaty or be eradicated during Ashan’s longest night (the winter Solstice) on the 21st of the Month of the White Maiden (equivalent of December). This is when the Elder Wars ended, and to celebrate the event, the people of Ashan still offer presents to children on this day and light bright decoration in the trees and on the houses in order to keep balance between Light and Darkness.

We are also celebrating the Covenant Night in MMHO for a full week from the 19.12.2014 6:00 CET until the 26.12.2014 23:59 CET.

You will find the Twilight Trees in the provinces and some presents from the Team for you. Furthermore you can accept special quests near your town and challenge special encounters to earn a rare resource. This resource can be trade in at the event trader for event creatures, a Covenant Night attire set and a pet.

Important: The trader will be gone at the 27.12.2014 23:59 CET. When the trader has left, you won’t be able to trade your resources for the event items.

Best regards
Your MMHO Team

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