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Thread: Raid: picture explanation of the goals of raid for new players

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    Arrow Raid: picture explanation of the goals of raid for new players

    Alright, we have a lot of confusing and tl;dr posts about raid event in here, so I decided to add up with some easy to grasp screenshots explaining the most important things you need to know about raiding. I will skip the parts how to start a raid, what types there are, levels, etc., focusing only on what goes on inside the raid and what are you actually supposed to do.

    1.The goal of the raid is to kill everything on the map.
    2.Problem is: creatures spawn again, some in less some in more time (in minutes).

    3.Some encounters have conditions or challenges, most basic is that they can be done only single player or only coop:

    If a creature stack respawns, you have to kill it again. To avoid that, you can:

    4.Stand on the altar where creatures were with your hero, resulting in timer freeze. Take note that if you choose to stand on altar you cannot battle at the same time

    5.Or, you can click on the altar to delay timer by 30 mins, paying with wood resource. This can be done only once per altar, so be careful when you use this option, because you will be left with paying 99 seals to delay 5 mins as a last resort.

    6. The game will inform you when an creature altar is less than 5 mins from respawning:

    So, general advice is that you do the longest timer creatures and coop ones first.

    To conclude, I will mention that sometimes players get a message "the player is not a part of your raid" when they try to invite a party member from raid party into battle.
    Don't worry: this simply means that the player you tried to invite is already in a fight.

    Hope this helps, folks. Will edit if needed, feel free to comment or ask me anything.
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    Good job, lots of noobs asking always the same things, this should help. Spam this on public chat ppl and sticky!
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    Good job indeed! Sticky.

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