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Thread: The White Wall – be creative.

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    Red face The White Wall – be creative.

    Dear Heroes,

    Look how dull one of our walls in our office looks – it really needs some decoration.

    Instead of putting up semi-funny posters we would like to ask for your help. HELP us to decorate our room before someone gets a bit crazy and really try to build a big white wall – as we all know that never ends good.

    Here are the rules:

    - All players can participate in this event
    - The event will last for 14 days in which the work can be submitted and will end on the 30.01.2015 23:59 CET
    - Everyone who submitted something, will receive an ingame reward
    - The item the user submits needs to be created by him/her and shall not violate the rights of others
    - Offensive, insulting, discriminating or in some other way are against the rules and laws are disqualified immediately
    - The players can submit either pictures, drawings, sketches or similar ideas, there is no limit in creativity
    - We do not cover the costs if the player sends something via post
    - Participants agree that their ingame name and environment they are playing on are named in our communications on our social media platforms, website and other news channels
    - Ubisoft employees, partners and family members are not allowed to participate in this event
    - We reserve the right to end the event earlier
    - Any recourse to courts of law is excluded

    And here are the rewards:

    For all submissions we will book the player a small package in game containing:
    Intense Runestone of Devastation 3
    Intense Runestone of Shepherdy 2
    1 Day Auto Battle Licence 1
    Chest of Gold 1

    Furthermore we will vote internally for the best submissions and will surprise the top 5 submissions with a T-Shirt of MMHO.

    You might submit more than one item but the reward will be booked only once. Submissions which violates the above rules are excluded and won’t receive a reward.

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    Dear Heroes,

    We would like to announce the winners of the White Wall event!

    In random order:

    Thanks to you we will not have to stare at a boring white wall ever again! The rewards are on their way, as they have already been sent to you. Will you show us a picture of you wearing the MMHO T shirt?

    Best regards,
    Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' Team

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