Dear Heroes,

Welcome to our first deployment in 2015. In our last Community Development Roadmap we informed you that we are going to work on the Heroic Mode and we are happy to announce that the changes were deployed today.

New Heroic Mode
As before, the Heroic Mode is unlocked once a Hero reached level 30. Aside from this, many things have changed. The first difference you will notice, are the so called tiers in which the Heroic Mode is now split. The higher your Heroic Tier is, the tougher the opposing forces get and the more valuable loot they carry with them.

You will start in the first tier and then you are able to unlock the next tier at the Heroic Forge in the Whispering Plains. The reworked Heroic Mode offers you new artefacts, Portraits and other rewards which can only be found there.

Here are some examples what you can find at the highest Heroic tier:

Stronger Relics, but no Legendaries anymore
As you can see, the new Heroic Mode will grant Relics that are similar too or stronger than existing Legendary Artefacts. In exchange, there will be no drop of Legendaries anymore in Heroic Mode. Legendaries are the very most powerful items in the Lore of Ashan. As we intend to increase the power of Artefacts further in the future, it felt not right to have Legendaries in the game that at some point might be weaker than Relics.

Legendaries are not gone for good. We are currently reevaluating their role and look for a way to bring them back in a more fitting way.

Existing Legendaries are not affected by this change and are still in your inventory and can loot in weekly boss battles.

Best rewards always at the highest Heroic Tiers
Once you have unlocked a new Heroic Tier, fighting Battles at lower Heroic Tiers grant you less valuable rewards. Relics for instance can only be found at the highest heroic Tier you unlocked. Some rewards also can only be obtained at Heroic Tier 13.

What do I need to do to unlock the next heroic Tier?
You need to deliver Gold, Wood, Ore and Dragonsteel to the Heroic Forge in the Hidden House to unlock the next tier.

Why is the Heroic Mode so expensive?
The new Heroic Mode is meant to be challenging for months and should give you a reason to play MMHO even further after reaching Level 30.

Do I have to pay all the needed resources at once?
No, you can decide on your own how many resources you want to hand over and the progress will be saved. However, the next tier won’t be unlocked until you paid the required amount of resources.

What is Dragonsteel?
Dragonsteel is a new resource that becomes available at Level 30 and which the Heroic Forge needs to unlock new Heroic Tiers.

Where can I get Dragonsteel?
Dragonsteel can be earned…
- In loot for fighting battles in Heroic Difficulty (when you fight at your highest unlocked Heroic Tier, you will get additional Bonus Dragonsteel)
- In the stadium of Strife
- For finishing a Forgotten Site at Level 30
- In the Shop
- For finishing the new Heroic Quests

What are Heroic Quests?
Heroic Quests are new daily quests which can be accepted and finished at a special Billboard in the Hidden House. This Billboard exist only once in Ashan and the quests you can accept there, are different from the ones from the other Billboards. These quests usually require you to defeat Enemies at your highest unlocked heroic Tier in Coop with another Hero.

Where is the Billboard for Heroic Quests located?
The Heroic Quest Billboard is located in the Hidden House in the Whispering Plains.

New Battle Power display
In the past, the battle power indicated on the province map and battle arrangement screen could be different from what you actually encountered in the province. We changed this behavior and the battle power displayed should now always be the same, independent from where you are checking it.

Expert and Event Battle Difficulty reduced
The difficulty of Expert battles and Event battles has been reduced.

Troop Loss in ranked PvP reduced
We capped the max percentage of Troops that you can lose in a ranked PvP to 30% at maximums (was 100% before). Accordingly, we reduced how much your Troop Loss increases with higher Battle Ranks.

Coop: Expert Battles, Event Battles and Heroic Mode Battles now automatically switch to the highest level or tier of both participants
We received many reports that high-level players were grinding the Leaderboards by joining low-level players in Expert Battles. This way they also obtained rewards too easily that were intended to be granted for tough fights.

Therefore we changed the behavior of special battles like Expert Battles, Event Battles and Heroic Battles to automatically switch to the difficulty level that matches the strongest participant. This means, Expert Battles and Event Battles in Coop will now always be played at the highest hero Level that one of the Coop Players has reached. So, if a Level 6 player invites a Level 30 player to an expert battle, the battle will be played at Level 30. For the same reason, Heroic Mode battles will always switch to the highest unlocked Heroic Tier of one of the participants.

Regular Encounters and Quest Battles are not affected by this change.

Small Improvements
- The Town Billboard Quest Limit has been increased to 5
- In the Hero Selection the Dragonknight Level of each of your heroes is now indicated in brackets behind the Hero Level.
- Resource Tooltips now explain the Resources a bit more in depth
- The Loading Screen has been slightly reworked
- Adjust Artefact drop in coop-raids for preparation of a new feature (more information will be announced later)

Fix for quest encounters not spawning
One of the most annoying bugs we might have in our system was, when a NPC needed for a quest was not spawning and the quest itself couldn’t be finished due to that.
We received many input from you with different observations in the behavior of this bug.
Our programming team worked on a fix for the spawn system which was deployed with this version. However, although we tested it in and out and weren’t able to reproduce the issue anymore, it is still a rework of the old system and there is a tiny chance that something slipped through our QA process. We are looking forward to your feedback here.

Bug fixes
Resource Limit: Missing feedback when selling items with already capped resources
Players unable to finish 2nd and 3rd phase of Sandro battle in the "From Here To Oblivion" quest
Licensces may not stack properly (when multiple licenses are used at the same time)
"The Stone Chamber" not tracked
"The Broken Bridge" is not tracked after helping another player
Weekly quests cannot be cancelled
"Tear Down Their Totems" is not available, when it should be
Weekly Quest "Worm worries" the Worm is not spawning
"Threads And Threats" not tracked
"Black Fangs, Black Eyes" not tracked
"The Lost Stormhorn" not tracked
The tracker for the main quest "Not Without Me Crew" does not seem to work and the npc's are not there.
Coop Raid: It is hard to distinguish between different encounters because they have identical names
Towns: Wrong tool tip when upgrading a building
[LOC] PVP battle arrangement confusing text when waiting for a hero
Artifacts do not show level requirement when looted
Interface: Hero Selection: Dragon Knight / Prestige Level not shown
Towns: Different Workers Halls share the same Bitmap
[LOC][Integration][GER]: Worker hall displays cut off description text
Full Inventory Screen: Artefacts and Shards miss framing
Lightlands: Fighting the Batteries gives less XP than the GoTo Quets afterwards
[LOC][ITA][Battle][Not localized text][No Line ID] The mission title "Dummy Talk to Chief Warden" is displayed as not localized.
Spirit World Multi-Stage Battle: Elementals are too easy due to weak movement range
Blocking: Blackbough: Southern Plateau: Hero and Rhianna can walk through several standing characters
Different name in quest desciption and battle
[LOC][IT]Missing translation at the second Shaman fight
spell "Heal Elite" has slightly wrong description
Quest "Fan The Flame" (2210263): Smith is not giving any dialog when trying to finish
Quest "Breaking Ground" (2200788 & 2200821): quest objective only checked when the player is in the town
Quest "Legacy of the Void" (2280351): "(error) Quest has no quest location"
Quick Purchase: Resources aren't shown in the same order as in the main UI
Player did not receive the reward for killing The Many-Headed Devourer boss in Forgotten Sites.
"The Hierophants" (2255026) not tracked
Blackbough: The Hijacking of lumberjacks: lumberjacks are missing
Merge-Creatures-Popup: Popup cannot be hide, if you don't want to merge your Creatures
Battle chat: Sometimes chat tabs switch when entering battle map
Coop Raid: Victory Screen of the 12th raid says that the 13th raid is unlocked
[LOC][ITA]The line "Event Overview" is displayed as not localized.
Battles: Spellbook: only 15 spells out of 16 are displayed
Haven hero suddenly with Necropolis starting quests
3 player battle during a Baron Madog fight
Coop Battle: Battle Power Calculation is broken
"Mind Pierce" skill (Drifting Faceless) works on Liches, while it doesn't seem it should
[Stadium of Strife]: Allied Lesser Spider Eaters skip their turn
Town: Creature Dwelling: Troop Cap: Slider does not jump automaticlly to the maximum recruitable value
The error message is showing to many active town quests when trying to accept a fourth daily quest
AI: At a certain point the enemy army is just moving
Interface: Troop Bailiff: "Expand Reserve Limit" button has no function
The "Pebbles In A Sand Heap" quest can't be tracked, the pointer on the mini-map won't appear.
Players can't load one of their heroes
Players keep Loot (Event Resource) after Retry
Battlepower: Expert Mode shows higher Battlepower than Heroic Mode
Loading Screen without Game Name
Exploit: Player reports an exploit for Expert Battle Ranking title
Town: Dwellings: Slider: Inconsistent behavior when user hasn't enough resources to recruit a full stack of troops
Heroic Mode: Not possible to invite a lower level Hero to a Heroic Battle
Siege- and Boss Battle Power: Some Encounters have too low Battle Power
Tutorial: Battle Goals tutorial window is displayed offset
Friend Referral rewards: Amount of prestige points is truncated
Friend Referral: Amount of given prestige points is way too high
Hero levels are partially covered up in friends' list
Forgotten Sites: XP buffs do not work