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Thread: Changelog Version 136.

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    Changelog Version 136.

    Dear Heroes,

    A few weeks ago we have informed you about the plans we have to balance out Might vs Magic. With today’s deployment the changes went live and are now fully active in the game. Click HERE to read the article about the changes again. But that’s not all Heroes, we have also implemented the function to upgrade your artefacts!

    Better. Stronger. Faster
    Some of you might think, “What is this slogan all about?”
    So with the previous deployment your Heroes became “Better” by finding new artefacts in the new Heroic tiers.
    With the latest version you can get “Stronger” by refining your artefacts.
    Yet, something for “Faster” is missing: With the upcoming deployment we will increase the base speed of your Hero! It has been requested by you many times before and we will add it.

    Having that said, the Better. Stronger. Faster updates will be finalized with the next deployment.

    Might vs. Magic misbalance
    In order to balance Might vs Magic out, we have increased the leadership of Might Heroes. Might heroes now have a second turn as well, starting from level 22.
    Furthermore, Might Heroes have access to the spell “Dispel Magic” now. These three changes might look small at a first glimpse. You can rest assured that we have tested them in and out and they have changed the power of the Might Hero in such a way, that there is no big gap any longer. We are looking forward to your feedback regarding this balancing changes after you have given it a try.

    Refineable Artefacts
    The Power of an Artefact can now get increased with the new Artefact Refinements. They can be found as very rare Loot in Expert Mode Battles, Heroic Mode Battles and in the Shop. Once you activate them, you go into an UI, where you can choose which Artefact you want to refine. Refinements improve the Stats of an Artefact always by a fixed margin depending on the refinement you find. Some Refinements increase only specific Stats (i.e. Spirit or Luck only), while others apply to all Stats.

    Artefacts cannot be upgraded infinitely: Based on the Artefact’s initial stats, there is a maximum to which you can refine each Stat. This maximum is represented by a bar that is now visible in every refineable Artefact Tooltip. (Some Artefacts cannot be refined, this is then stated in their Tooltip.)

    Upgraded Artefacts do not count towards the existing Artefact Quality anymore. Since an upgraded Minor Artefact can be more powerful than a Major Artefact, we have decided to hide the Artefact Quality for all upgraded Artefacts independent of their initial quality.

    Boss battle rework
    We have reworked all Multi-Staged-Battles aka Weekly Boss battles. All their abilities should work as intended and will be more challenging now, requiring more attentive and tactical gameplay. The performance of these battles have also been improved.

    Player Creatures adjustments
    We had to adjust the balancing of some player’s troops to balance out the power between Haven and Necro heroes. The adjustments contain changes for creature stats or/and abilities and have also some new positive effects like increased attack range for Archliches and Fate Spinners/Weavers.

    In particular for Necro Troops:
    Skeletons/Skeletal Spearmen:
    • Abilities "Webbing Spears" and "Bone Spikes": +1 Round on Cooldown (= 4, was: 3).
    Lamasus/Putrid Lamasus:
    • +2 DMG per Round on "Shadow Locusts" (= 20, was: 18).
    • Default attack power decreased by -10 (= 50, was: 60)
    • "Shadow Bolt" Ability: +12 direct DMG (= 30, was: 18) and +2 DMG per Round (= 20, was: 18).
    • Initiative increased by +1 (= 4, was: 3)
    • Default attack power decreased by -15 (= 53, was: 68)
    • Default attack Range and Range of all Abilities increased by +1 (= 6, was: 5)
    • "Shadow Bolt" Ability: +13 direct DMG (= 33, was: 20) and +2 DMG per Round (= 20, was: 18)
    • "Dark Embrace" Ability: debuff effect reduced by 10% (= -25%, was: -35%. The debuff applied by the Ability is stackable now).
    • Initiative increased by +1 (= 5, was: 4)
    • Melee Resistance decreased by -20% (= -20%, was: 0%)
    Fate Spinners:
    • Default attack range increased by +1 (= 4, was: 3)
    • Initiative decreased by -1 (= 3, was: 4)
    • Melee Resistance decreased by 10% (= 0%, was: 10%)
    Fate Weavers:
    • Default attack range increased by +1 (= 4, was: 3)
    • Initiative decreased by -1 (= 4, was: 5)
    • Melee Resistance decreased by 15% (= 0%, was: 15%)

    For Haven Troops:
    Blazing Glories:
    • "Blinding Light" Ability: +11 DMG (= 33, was: 22). This ability cannot be used on Undead, Spirits or Constructs anymore.
    • "Darkness Shield" Ability: Range increased by +1 (= 4, was: 3). The buff applied by the ability is stackable now.

    We have worked on the long loading times which are a result of being in a huge guild. Furthermore, we have set a new limit of 1200 Members per Guild.
    IMPORTANT: We will significantly reduce this limit in the future in preparation of a new feature. We will inform you in advance when a new limit will become active.

    Reworked Lightlands and Whispering Plains
    We have changed the appearance of the northern ends of the Whispering Plains and Lightlands a bit. Furthermore, we have added some new quests in these areas. Last but not least, we have changed the creature start points of some units in these areas on the battle map. Overall, these changes should improve the experience you have in these provinces.

    New Pet in the Shop
    We have added a new Pet to the Shop: The Little Swineherd’s Pig. Some of you might already know this little fellow.

    Ability Fixes
    • "Night Shroud" doesn't seem to stack properly with "Slow"
    • "Time Flows" skill (Fate Weavers) cannot be used on Cyclops Captives (as intended)
    • Ability "Reinforcements" bugged
    • "Invigorating Light" combined with "Reinforcements" causes invalid loses
    • "Reinforcements" and "Void Corruption" on single unit seem to cause loses
    • "Reinforcements" and "Poison" on single unit seem to cause loses
    • "Anathema" can be cast on "Indomitable" creatures
    • Baleful Gaze does not work on creatures which disable retaliation (as intended)
    • Venomous spit affects Blazing Glories (spirits)
    • Abilities: Deathknight: Desolation: has wrong tooltip
    • Abilites: "Desolation" doesn't get stronger each time a creature is destroyed

    Small Changes:
    • The Loot of Expert Battles has been improved: They have now higher chances for Artefacts and do not give out nothing anymore.
    • Artefacts Logic has been improved so that there are no Artefacts anymore that give 0% Bonus for certain troops
    • Most Quest Encounters cannot be played on Expert or Heroic Difficulty anymore
    • Heroic Mode: Artefacts found in Heroic Mode do not bind to the Hero anymore (This does not apply to existing Artefacts)
    • Heroic Mode: The Resource Limit for Dragon Steel has been slightly increased. The highest Dragonsteel Achievement should now be achievable.
    • Heroic Mode: When playing on a higher Heroic Tier than your own, you get the loot as if you would play on your highest current tier.
    • The Costs for Inventory Upgrade have been reduced (all steps now cost 2,999 HS)
    • Town Set & battle Set has been removed from the shop
    • Prices of many Attires, Portraits and Titles have been permanently decreased

    Bug fixes
    • It's not possible to finish "Deliver Artefact quests"
    • Main UI: Hero Name: Font size is too small
    • (Heroic Forge) The entry-box to adjust the amount you want to spent for your new heroic tier, is broken
    • [Blackbough]: Endgame: Performance has been improved significantly
    • [LOC][DE] Guild: Leave Guild: (error) is displayed instead of proper time-TAG
    • Blackbough: The Quiet Groves: Blocking Issue: Hero can walk through 2 sets of fighting characters
    • Manually renamed hero cannot be invited to battles
    • [LOC][ITA][Forgotten Site][Not localized text][No Line ID] The line "Magic Box of Hero Seals" is displayed as not localized.
    • Creature Defense Bonuses are now better explained in the Tooltip
    • [LOC][FRE][Amber Thorn Crypt][Wrong line][Line ID 10543] A wrong line is displayed for travelling via the Amber Thorn Gateway.
    • Levels' tracking for achievements seems to be a bit off
    • Level up panel came with quite a delay
    • Players should not be able to buy the same "color" several times for one hero
    • [LOC][GER] Headline on the PvP-Rank-Reward Overlay is cut
    • The Lightlands map and some unique enemies restarted after hotfix
    • UI: "Happy Hour" icon slightly overlaps with "Event Overview" icon
    • Weaker character shown in Achievement Ranking
    • "Tactical Genius" achievement doesn't seem to unlock when it should
    • Heroic Unlocker: unclear user experience in Contribute PopUp/Resource Purchase PopUp
    • [LOC][PL]Some missing localization in Stadium of Strife
    • Exploit: Player reports an exploit for Expert Battle Ranking title
    • Battle Arrangement: Coop: UI: Battle Power: different values regarding to the battle power
    • Battle Conclusion: Dragon Steel steels stays in battle conclusion
    • Upgraded units seem to be stacking incorrectly their reserves.
    • Totem of Rage in "Tear Down Their Totems" (2210057) quest deals damage when it shouldn't
    • PVP Arena: Battle Rank Reward is only shown after relog/refresh
    • Coop-raid: The players lose the raid from the very start, after leaving the raid half or less troops are left in slots.
    • Battle Power: 1030149 Giant Swarm Wyvern: BP is too low and even lower in coop
    • Battle Power: 1080079 Hrodger (endgame): BP is too low and even lower in coop
    • 'Namtaru's Claws Wayfarer' achievement not triggered despite map being 100% revealed
    • Battle Power: 2601003 Al-Kadhir (endgame): BP is too low and even lower in coop
    • "Heroic Quest Board" not translated
    • Display Error for Battlepower in Expert Battles fixed
    • Opening the quest book causes ActionScript exception
    • "The Hierophants" (2255026) not tracked
    • Unprotected gold node in The Northern Entangled Woods
    • Text: Attire "Spheres of Strife": "horse armor" is displayed twice
    • Spell is not selected although the spell book closed
    • CLA: Battle Rank did reset for many players - but shouldn't
    • AI: Abilities: Void Chief Assassin: Does not use "Shield of Nothingness"
    • Heroic quest battles are set to heroic level 2 by default, even if the hero has heroic level 1
    • Commandant Tahmur restarted and blocks the way
    • Tooltip in the Ability Menu is now correct

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    Hotfix 12-02-2015

    Hotfix to fix the current guild system that may cause server crashes.

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    Hotfix 13-02-2015

    Hotfix to increase server stability and to deactivate PvP seasons.

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    Hotfix 19-02-2015

    Hotfix to fix a critical issue that may cause server outages.

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