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Thread: Discussion Round: Version 136.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorae View Post
    I think we should all ask for complete removal of blockers. It's a serious problem for casual players, and just plain irritating to serious players, to do them every week.

    Especially when they have 4 heroes of every type ((daeva 2 + al-khadir 1 + valrok 3 + voice 5-6) x 4) = 10-12 x 4 = 40-50 fights without any meaning whatsoever = If every fight equals 5 minutes, it's 6-7 hours of wasted time; if it equals 10 minutes, it's 1 whole wasted day

    Stuff like that can't be happening in a serious game. As I already said, every battle should have a meaning, and those have none.

    Bossfights should be there to have fun and not to waste time!!

    Since you made bossfights harder and longer, please get rid of their blockers, who dont even flee. Its a chore to kill them, then ride back to town/fountains and come again with your ideal army for the boss fight.

    Keep the bosses exciting and fun and dont block the way with fun-killers :-/

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    Just noticed you've nerfed Agony from 1 to 2 cool off rounds. Have you actually looked into pvp leader boards ? Who is on the top if not clerics wizards?
    So why do you keep nerfing necromancers? I mean they have less powerful and overall weaker spells, I could list few that I use solo, and few more in pvp.
    Agony was assigned typically to pvp down to its dark magic source. Now its been halved.

    One other issue, I'm sure its been raised before. Why this Hush Hush policy?
    You are not informing players about all changes, lots of hidden stuff, nerfed, buffed spells many many times across all your updates been altered undercover.
    No matter what you need to keep us updated about all changes in a changelog. It is not much I'm asking ?

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    Grate upgrade! but 2 fundamental mistakes!

    Hi Hi!
    About 2 things after the upgarde i hear a lot of complaining & is making pp stop playing this great game!! pls pls change it back!!

    1. After they put dragon steel in the shop pp can buy there tier! why????

    This is killing the game!!
    pls let pp do battles to get to a higher tier! A game where you can buy to much progress & don't have to play the content to win is no fun & not fair
    pp can buy already all other resource
    [or is Ubisoft planning to sell achievements, prestige points & DK levels to ? in the final release? pls let me now! than i can get all @ once for my next hero ]

    2. pls take out that artifact upgrade thing in the shop;
    Let pp win it in heroic battles or boss fights; It is making this version of homm online pay to win & taking the fun out of the game.
    Rich pp with cash to burn will dominate the normal players

    tnx Donda

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    Couldn't agree more to roussalier to bring back the heroic mode for quest bosses / dailies and just finally stop counting them for expert battles and council board, ppl who have 200,300 or even 400 fights after list was reseted within 3-4 hours come on it's a joke, everybody know they "cheat" since it's not possible to have that many fights in such a short time.
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    Mine 0.02$ after 3 weeks after update.
    Good changes.
    I love new bosses fights they not hard but require some strategy. I love the idea You try , You fail, You learn Come back and win,
    NEED MORE bosses fights.
    I like the dragonsteel and heroic tiers. Even it require A LOT of farming. some people complain that it unfair to buy it from shop I don't mind that. I reached tier 5 and don't see that drop from level 5 is much better then from tier 2. And I am very happy by knowing that there is some reach kid pays for my game.

    Haven need some mass heal spell ability. As haven knight i do most of my battles with specters and leaches they do much better healing then priests.and better damage.
    Haven especially knights are lack a specialization they have nice defense units but without healing all fights are very slow.
    Remove blockers and do something with difficulty system. Bigger stack of enemies doesn't mean it more difficult it means more rounds of borrng fights. even on tier 5 by the end of round 2 i know that i won but than comes 6-10 rounds of boring turkey shooting the best solutions to ask if we accept their surrender in the beginning of each round not just once. or with difficulty add a totem.
    Make battles more dynamic faster.
    As i said i love heroic coop and heroic tiers idea. However their are many exploits that people are using
    First soul hunters. The fight can be done in one round if u got 4 vamps people are overusing it making 100 fight per hour that leads to 200 expert battle ranking system. A solution can be put totem that increase initiative of enemy by 10 or decrease gamers initiative by 10 if u want win quick u will loose some units.
    Second Desert fight. non flying enemy never tries to reach u they just stand next to barricade.

    Things I want to see.

    I want a castle defense battle and forgotten cites is the best place to implement it .

    I NEED black dragons in the game the original ones from homm1-3. This is heroes of might and magic game not some BS. If i don't see my 32167 by May I am out.

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