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Thread: Changelog Version 142

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    Changelog Version 142

    Dear Heroes,

    We would like to inform you about the deployed changes. You might remember that we have told you about the Better, Stronger, Faster updates and that the part for faster was missing until today. With today’s deployment we have increased the base riding speed or all Heroes. Furthermore, we have deployed the announced changes for the PvP League System.

    Increased riding speed
    We have increased the base riding speeds of all Heroes to the speed you would get from visiting the stables. However, the maximum speed of your hero remains the same. There is a technical limit for the riding speed and we can’t increase the max speed further.

    This also means, that the percentual increase of Shards and Speed Points per Dragon Knight Level was decreased while the effect remains the same: Since your base speed is higher, you need less percent to get to the same Speed as before the update.

    Removed the stables buff
    We have removed the buff you would get from the stables from the game. As we increased the base riding speed of all heroes, there was no longer a need for the stables.

    Changes in the PvP League System
    We have stopped the PvP League System a few days ago. We can already tell you that the next season will start on the 2nd of March 2015 and we have something big planned for this. But first, here are the changes in detail:
    • Ranked PvP battles can only be started with a full army (all stacks full) from now
    • A season only lasts 7 days now instead of 14
    • We have reduced the leagues to two, Prospector League and Top League
    • A new season will now start at the same day the old one has ended with a pause of 2 hours
    • A total of 100 players can now be in the Top league
    • We have added a Retreat penalty to PvP battles like in PvE Battles
    • We have changed the troop starting positions
    • Turn Time was increased from 20 to 30 seconds
    • We have changed the PvP Battle Rewards
    • We have changed the Season Rewards and they do show now what you would get at what position in the Leader board

    Small tweaks
    • Griffins: Ability: Soar: Griffins can no longer move after they have used this ability. This change was made to reflect the behaviour of griffin units from other Might & Magic titles better.

    Bug fixes
    • Progress for the achievement "Landslide Victory" resets to 0 when accepting a surrender from the enemy.
    • Gashing Assault is affecting undead units while it should not
    • The forgotten sites puzzle map displays the wrong state when using an obelisk shard after visiting obelisks on the province map.
    • Hero levels are cut on guild list
    • Battle: Sharp Distinctions: Nearly impossible to win
    • Daily quest No Way Out! issue
    • player reports that when "Mind Pierce" ends, AI is sometimes able to move unit in same turn
    • Hero animation is preventing unit actions.
    • The face of the character is different in the inventory and on the icon.
    • The "Spin" ability is displayed as not localized for The Many-Headed Devourer.
    • Sandworms use arrow projectiles
    • After Trader's Apprentice quest is completed, the NPC continues to follow the player.
    • The portal from the town to Rift teleports to the old portal location (it was moved).
    • Player reports that "The Voice" deals more damage than he should
    • Life Drain gradually loses effect while fighting Fate Spinners of Al-Kadhir
    • "The Whispering Plains: A search for Ancient Treasures" guild quest reported as not tracked
    • Potential dominat Strategy: Radiant Glory Blind + Sanctuary
    • AI: Stadium of Strife: Dawn Dragon: Does not use Crazed Roar
    • Event Resource: Artefact Bailiff: Only full stacks can be transfered with one click
    • Spellbook: Abilities: Necro: Raise Dead and Desolation both are displayed in the with 0 mana costs
    • Crusader missing 5 Might points at Dragon Knight level up to 26
    • [Lightlands Endgame]: Dragon Knight Vanguard has empty dialogue box
    • Shrines: Initiative Shrine: Buff can be dispelled in Battle
    • Co-raid: The players lose the raid from the very start, after leaving the raid half or less troops are left in slots.
    • Upgradeable Artefacts: Strange behavior when closing and reopening the refinement screen during upgrade animation
    • Battlepower doesn't change or goes down for some story battles when switching to "Expert"
    • Namtarus Claws: Clipping Sign
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    Hotfix 26-02-2015

    This hotfix will fix an issue with the PvP Season rewards, and in addition we will fix the issues with the abilities 'Vampiric Touch' and 'Blindness').

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    Hotfix 02-03-2015

    Hotfix in preparation for the PvP event.

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