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Thread: Changelog Version 149

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    Changelog Version 149

    Dear Heroes,

    We have deployed a new version today and we would like to introduce the deployed changes. In the last weeks we have received several reports from you that the game is loading very slow, the chat is not working or that you got kicked out with an error message. Our Support and Community Team have collected all of those reports and have provided them to the development team.

    With today’s deployment the performance should be back to normal again. Our programmers have put a lot of effort into enhancing the server– client communication. This should significantly improve the situation.
    We are looking forward to your feedback about these performance improvements.

    Dragon Knight Points Leaderboard is now the Dragon Knight Score leaderboard
    The Dragon Knight Points Leaderboard has caused some confusion on how it was calculated and how to earn points for it. We have changed the tool tip to explain this Leaderboard better and we have changed the name to cause less confusion as well.

    Weekly Quests are no longer abortable
    Many of our Bosses in MMHO were terrified and traumatized as some players used an exploit to defeat them over and over again. As we didn’t want the Boss encounters to leave the game, we have disabled the option to abort a weekly quest. Our Boss encounters agreed to stay as the exploit can no longer be used.

    Warning when selling a refined artefact
    We have added a warning when you are trying to sell a refined artefact. Refined Artefacts will lose their refinements when you sell them to a trader.

    New Items in the Shop
    For a limited time, the new Super Shard will be available in the Shop, which gives +200% XP and +60% Movement Speed

    We have added two new Dragonsteel Packages to the Shop to smoothen the handling of larger quantities.

    Bug Fixes
    • Texts that do not fit into a window, now have a Tooltip stating the intended text
    • Might heroes have only one turn in the Forgotten Sites
    • Tooltips in the heroic tier window sometimes moves and cannot be closed anymore.
    • If a player got disconnected during a fight, they did lose troops by default.
    • The ability ‘Corruption’ doesn’t dispel bonuses as it should.
    • Players can’t connect to the chat server.
    • Unsellable event resources have no corresponding tooltip in the inventory.
    • The ability ‘Double Action’ of the event creatures ‘Soul Redeemers’ has a misleading description.
    • It is possible to buy the same vanity pet multiple times in the shop.
    • The quest "Rioting Prisoner" has different goals.
    • The quest "Destroy Corrupted Haven" has different goals.
    • Dragon Steel stays in the battle conclusion in Heroic Mode.
    • The battle in the quest ‘Defeat Coop Soul Hunters’ was too easy.
    • Players did report they did get no rewards for gained battle ranks.
    • After the last update some player’s level did not fit into the guild list.
    • [Localization][French] Text is displayed cut off on the level upgrade window.
    • [Localization][French] Text related to a new appearance item is displayed cut off on the Level Upgrade window.
    • [Localization][German] Descriptions are cut off in the PvP menu.
    • [Localization][German] The text on the button ‘Reset Abilities’ is cut off.
    • [Localization][French] The notification box overlaps the group options.
    • The description of the ability ‘Warlord’s Command’ overlaps.
    • Not enough Void-Consumed Treants to meet the Battle Goal.
    • The Guild/Friendlists can’t be opened and are broken.
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