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Thread: Guild Province Expedition – Progress Update 1

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    Cool Guild Province Expedition – Progress Update 1

    Dear Heroes,

    In our latest Development Roadmap we already gave you the first glimpse at the upcoming, incredible, update for the Guilds which we are currently working on. It is time to share some first screenshots with you and give you another insight on this feature which will change the way you experience the Guild right now in MMHO and we are sure, you will be blown away.

    The Guild Province Expedition is a combination of 2 big features: The Guild Province and the Guild Expeditions. We will give you more updates on each over the next weeks, but here is a first glimpse of what you can expect.

    First, the new Guild Province: It will give all Guilds that unlock this feature their very own and private Province. It will be accessible for Guild members only and its progress will be shared among all of them. This is important, because the Province itself has seen ages pass and is now in dire need for restoration. But by the hard work of every Guild Member it will soon become the place for your guild to meet, restock armies and get hold of some buffs. (More on that with our next update) Every single Guild member can contribute to the growth of the Province and feast on the fruits of the hard work at the end of the day.

    Entrance of the Guild Province (work in progress)

    But with a great and lively place also come responsibilities. You need to show other Guilds that you are the best Guild in MMHO and maintain the buildings in your Guild Province - and that’s when the Guild Expeditions will become the main focus.

    You will face three Guild Expeditions, with each of them offering new maps, new encounter combinations, new rewards and an increasing difficulty, tailored towards Guild play. An Expedition itself has no end, but the Guild that ventures the deepest will dominate this Expedition. Why would you want to do this? First, the glory: Your Guild will be shown as dominating Guild of this Expedition to all players on the server. And then there are other benefits: If you dominate the Expedition at a specific reoccurring event you will…

    Screenshot from one of the Expeditions, early in production (work in progress)

    Well, we don’t want to spoil too much at this point and we will share more details with you over the next few weeks. But until the next update arrives, what do you think what will be the benefits for you and your Guild when dominating an Expedition? And what are those buildings you can rebuild in your Province all about?
    Let us now!

    Best regards
    Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team
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