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Thread: Changelog Version 153

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    Smile Changelog Version 153

    Dear Heroes,

    Today we have deployed the announced changes regarding the party raids we have told you about previously. Furthermore, today we have applied the first guild size reduction as announced earlier HERE

    Restart of the party raids
    We have listened to your feedback so we have tweaked and adjusted the Party Raids. Here are the most notable changes we have applied:

    • With a minimum of 2 players a party raid can be started already, while the maximum limit for a party raids remains 5 players. The difficulty and the rewards of the raid will stay the same, no matter how many players start the raid.
    • We have removed the re-spawning of encounters from the raids and all the systems that came with it (e.g. spending resources to block the respawns). Defeated encounters now rest in peace.
    • We have removed the troop limit from the party paid, your full army will now join you.
    • The troop loss reduction has been removed from the feature
    • We have reduced the time you have to finish a raid to replace the now missing challenge from no longer re-spawning encounters.
    • We have added a broader variety in the types of encounters and encounter perks
    • We have also added 6 new visual layouts for the maps you play on
    • Due to all these changes of the setup, all existing raids have been rebalanced.
    • 26 additional raid levels have been added: 3 for players below hero level 30 and 23 for players above hero level 30
    • Rewards have been changed to encourage playing higher difficulty raids over those that you have already beaten and do not offer a real challenge anymore: For every raid you win, you still gain artefacts, XP and social points. But after hero level 30, for every new raid level you unlock, you will gain in addition two extra valuable items.
    • The first guaranteed reward for unlocking a new raid level is 500 Dragonsteel.
    • The second guaranteed reward will be picked from a completely revised list of special rewards, including (at higher raid levels) relics of the same power as those from heroic tiers and a completely new set for both Might & Magic heroes with a very unique set bonus…
    • All party raids for heroes below level 30 have no longer a required raid level. So if you are level 30 hero you can immediately start at a difficulty that suits your strength, with no requirement to go through the lower level raids.
    • Party raids for heroes at level 30 and higher still have a raid level requirement
    • Due to these changes we had to adjust your current raid level: if you had a raid level 7 or higher, it will be decreased by 5 levels. (e.g.: 7 – 5 = 2 is the new raid level) All players with a raid level of 6 or lower will get raid level 1. You will also be notified about these change via an ingame mail. But don’t worry – it will have no impact on the amount of the raids you have unlocked already. You will be able to play more raids regardless of your previous raid level.
    • We have added a new button in the upper right corner to access the party raids from anywhere in the provinces.
    • Because we have changed the requirements to start a party raid we have also adjusted the user interface

    All these small and big changes we have deployed with this update were based on your feedback. They make the party raids more rewarding, easier accessible and faster to play. As you are now able to start a party raid with a friend, finding players to start a party raid should be much easier and more enjoyable. Of course having only the time as a limiter in a party raid might not sound pretty challenging, but rest assured the party raids are still one of the most challenging modes you can play in MMHO.

    Bug Fixes
    1. Long artefacts names have been shortened.
    2. Fixed space in the Dragon Knight level-up screen.
    3. Resource bar at the top overlaps tooltips.
    4. The combination of the "Reinforcements" and "Void Corruption" spells on a single unit could cause losses.
    5. The combination of the "Reinforcements" and "Poison" Spells on single unit could cause losses.
    6. The tooltip in the heroic tiers permanently appears after closing.
    7. Long quest objective titles overlap each other.
    8. Resource rewards from quests weren’t added although player was below the resource limit.
    9. The battle against the ‘Giant Swarm Wyvern: Stage 3’: Killing a unit with void aura resets the health of the Giant Swarm Wyvern.
    10. [German] Hero Status Menu: Shortened the text in the attire section.
    11. Instant build button for the Necropolis buildings are incorrectly placed.
    12. "(invalid)" displayed in error messages when sending a friend invite to a player that is already on the list.
    13. [Polish] The “Human Void Herald” is not translated.
    14. Unprotected wood node in Blackbough.
    15. Creatures can walk/stand on some battlefield objects.
    16. Damage from DoTs is applied each time the “Defend” hotkey is pressed when using manual facing.
    17. The battle power for tier 6 heroic fight against “The Swarm” seems wrong.
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