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Thread: Guild Province Expedition – Progress Update 2.

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    Guild Province Expedition – Progress Update 2.

    Dear Heroes,

    It is time for the second update on our Guild Province Expeditions. We would like to explain more about the provinces today and how you can get hold of one for your guild. If you haven’t heard about the Guild Province Expeditions you can read our first Progress Update here.

    The Guild Province will be the central place for your guild and each member can contribute to it and benefit from having one. The province itself is exclusively accessible to your guild members and its look is based on the efforts your whole guild will put into it.
    The size of your guild is not that important, even a small guild of 2 members will be able to found and maintain the province – yes, you could even found it on your own. Nevertheless, being part of a big guild will help a lot to get access to all benefits which await you in the Guild Province.

    Two of many buildings which needs to be restored (Work in Progress)

    Getting access to a Guild Province is easy. Once the feature has been deployed, you will find a new button in the upper right corner. This button allows you to jump to the Guild Province and back again from anywhere in the province. If you aren’t in a guild or when you haven’t unlocked the Guild Province yet, this button is greyed out.
    To unlock the Guild Province for your guild, all members can contribute resources to the Guild Province Gate. You can find it in the capital city of each faction, next to the Guild Quest Table. This means, you can start working on the access to a Guild Province as soon as at least one guild member has access to one of the capital towns. However, it will be really tough to unlock it at this point and we recommend to have some level 30+ players in your guild. Of course, as soon as the gate is open all guild members will have access to the Guild Province

    Once your guild owns their own province you can travel there and start filling it with life and restore its old magic. Special guild troop dwellings and shrines are waiting to be rebuilt and special traders for lower level heroes are looking for the trading stations to get back into the province.
    When a building is filled with life, each member of the guild receives all the benefits of it and all members can contribute together for its maintenance and further expansion.

    The central place in your province, from here you can reach everything the Guild Province offers (Work in Progress)

    As mentioned in our last update, the Guild Province is also the key to the new Guild Expeditions. As long as you have a Guild Province, you can enter them from anywhere, but if you decide to leave, or enter a guild without province, you will not be able to access them anymore.

    In the next update we will tell you exactly how you can rebuild the buildings and the benefits which are awaiting you in these buildings. Until then: Are there buildings you would like to see in the Guild Province? What would make the province special for you?

    We are looking forward to your ideas and feedback.

    May your name go down in the history of Ashan!

    Kind regards,
    Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team
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