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Thread: Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 3

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    Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 3

    Dear Heroes,

    In the previous updates we have already let you know something about the big update for our guilds. For those who haven’t read them yet, you can find the 2 updates here and here.
    Let’s get into more detail now and what’s better than to start with the guild buildings and the benefits you are going to get from them?

    All buildings have something in common: They are of ancient age and not in the best shape. So, before you can use them, you need to reestablish their ancient energy and each guild member can contribute to this. Donate some resources and soon they will look just as new.
    Many of you already know this from our last update, so let’s move on. So what buildings do we have? Here is the full list of what you can expect to find in your guild province:
    • The expedition gate that opens the pass to the mystical mazes below
    • 4 very special guild troop dwellings
    • The good old guild billboard from your capital province
    • Experienced artefact traders for all Hero levels
    • Your fellow traders from a marketplace near you: A scribe, an apothecary, a prestige trader and a Hero Seal trader
    • All the shrines of the world, put nicely in one spot:
    * Banner of Divine Initiative
    * Shrine of Might
    * Shrine of Creature Defence
    * Shrine of Magic
    * Shrine of Heroic Support
    * Shrine of Luck
    * Shrine of Spirit
    * Stone of Enlightenment
    • 2 Obelisks to make it easier to rediscover the Forgotten Sites

    This is only a start: When exploring your guild province you will soon realize that there is still plenty of space for future updates to come. Maybe you even spot a hint of what these new structures might be? But back to those buildings that are yours right from the beginning.

    A troop dwelling: left abandoned / right rebuilt (work in progress)

    Expeditions and troop dwellings will be fleshed out in other posts, there is just too much to say about them, they are clearly the heart of your province. But let’s talk about the benefits the other buildings provide you as well: One centralized point where all the nice buffs are available to you – no need to search for them in the various provinces in MMHO – just teleport there and return buffed back to the point where you came from. Sounds good to you? Then the guild province is what you are looking for. Once restored, any guild member can visit the shrines in the guild province and by doing so, getting all the nice benefits they offer for you. At the moment these buffs will only benefit the visiting hero, but who knows what the future might bring.
    More XP and higher initiative? Just visit the shrines in your province and you are ready to go.
    Looking for an experience artefact trader, selling these highly demanded minor artefacts? Then what are you waiting for? Just get into your guild province and visit the artefact traders there.

    As teased, the next update will focus on the guild troop dwellings. In the meantime we would like to hear your opinion about the buildings which are not there yet. What do you expect from a guild management building if you could access one? Let us know!

    Best regards,
    Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team
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