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Thread: Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 4

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    Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 4

    Dear Heroes,

    Last time we have informed you about the buildings that you are able to restore in your guild province, but there are still some mysteries left regarding the troop dwellings.
    Don’t worry, those remaining questions will be answered today!

    In your guild province you will be able to restore 4 troop dwellings. So far, so good. But these 4 structures are not just ordinary troop dwellings with pre-defined creatures waiting for recruitment. The new guild troop dwellings will allow you to recruit any creature you desire!
    Yes, that’s right, even event creatures can be recruited here, if the troop dwelling was set-up to recruit them.

    Creatures from the other faction? Yes! Advanced creatures? Yes! Event creatures, even after the event has ended? Yes! All that your guild needs to do, is “reminding” the ancient structure of the creature type that you want to recruit. But choose wisely: Once established, the building is locked on the selected creature type. Undoing the choice will cost you all your progress with this building. That is why only your guild leader will have the right to determine which creature should get recruited.

    Selecting the creature you want to recruit (work in progress)

    To do this, he/she simply puts 1 creature from his/her army into the building, before the restoration process starts. Then all guild members will need to contribute not only resources but also a certain amount of the selected creature in order to establish the connection. The overall investment of creatures will be rather low for each member and the outcome will be tremendous. As soon as the restoration has been finished, the troop dwelling will start producing the creature for you and each guild member.

    Every guild member can visit this dwelling and recruit the amount of creatures they need. A log allows you to easily see who took how many creatures and when. Important: Recruited creatures are gone from the building’s storage for all players and a waiting time might evolve for other guild members until new creatures have been enlisted. But like with the troop dwellings in you Town, you can always opt to upgrade the storage capacities, again with the contribution of the entire guild.

    What makes the guild troop dwellings special, is not only that they can recruit your favorite creatures (imagine the possibility to have Thunderbirds again and as many as you want!). Such a powerful building also needs to be maintained. The troop dwellings will lose their ancient energy over time and your guild needs to recharge it. This requires resources like crystals, dragonsteel and the like but also special resources which can be found in the guild expeditions.

    This leads us to the question of the week: What do you expect as a guild in the guild expeditions? Let us know!

    Best regards,
    Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team
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