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Thread: Voucher Code Giveaway!

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    Voucher Code Giveaway!

    Voucher Code Giveaway!

    Dear Heroes,

    The Community Team will be paying close attention to the Forum threads and Global & Help Chats and will be randomly giving away Voucher Codes, these codes will have a one time use only and will be sent to the winning player via in-game mail if won from the chat or by PM on the forum.

    For the chats, we will be watching the chats closely for players who do things of a positive nature and will be handing out random voucher codes to players. The codes can be won by being consistently helpful to other players, saying a specific game related word or phrase or it could be a random situation based on what the Community Team has decided will trigger the giveaway.

    The Community Team will decide what will trigger the voucher code they have been provided with to give away.

    As the game is played across a wide variety of time zones, the codes may be given away by any one of the moderators who is on duty. The codes will not necessarily be given out daily, but they will be given out when the criteria for that particular code has been met. So remember, be nice, be helpful and talk about the game.

    For the forum, we may decide to hide a voucher code in a thread, we may feel that someone has come up with a great game idea, we may even ask you to sketch a future creature, who knows, just keep your eyes on the forum for notifications that a voucher code is up for grabs and we will let you know how you can win it.

    All of the codes are random, we do not know what they contain.

    Happy code hunting heroes!

    Best regards,
    Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team

    Voucher Code Winners

    FacelessFoe x 2
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