Dear Heroes,

With this changelog we would like to inform you about the deployed changes. Our team is focusing on the new Guild Province Expeditions but this doesn’t mean we don’t have bug fixes and other changes for you.

Login issues
We have all faced login issues these past weeks and our teams have worked with the highest priority on fixing these issues. The issue has been resolved now and we have also deployed some additional logs for our developers in case this happens again.

Other changes and bug fixes
  • We have fixed a display issue where players had Raid Level 1 after a raid.
  • The “Shaman”, “Lava Worms” and “Crazed Trees” that couldn't be engaged in Blackbough have been fixed.
  • The “Blockade Rioters” that couldn't be engaged in Namtaru’s Claws have been fixed.
  • Some Heroes could not move after defeating the very first boss. This will not occur any more.
  • It is not possible to skip Raid Levels any more.
  • The issue where it was not possible to gain any Expert Battle Points for the Ranking has been fixed.
  • We have fixed an exploit where it was possible to stack time for the next Experience Shard in the Forgotten Sites.
  • We have removed an error when trying to expand your resource limit which was already at the maximum.
  • When travelling into other provinces the chat history will not be deleted any more.
  • Defeated enemies in the Coop Raids aren't visible any longer.