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Thread: Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 5

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    Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 5

    Dear Heroes,

    We are back with our next progress update for the guild province expeditions. Our team is highly motivated by all your nice comments and ideas. We are trying to take as much as possible into account while still developing this feature. We are confident that we can release this big and anticipated update this spring. The exact release date will be published not today but soon enough to prepare your guild for this.

    Until now we have focused highly on the province itself and haven’t talked much about the guild expeditions. What you know so far is: That it will be a competition between all guilds and that some special resources can only be obtained in these Expeditions.

    An impression of the look of a Maze (work in progress)

    The guild expeditions are far more than that. There will be 3 expeditions in which you can try to dominate with your guild. Dominating an expedition grants you and your guild an instant experience and Dragon Knight Point bonus for as long as you are dominating the expedition. Dominating more than 1 expedition will unlock additional effects, but more about that in our next update. While the first expedition gate is available from the start, the 2nd and 3rd expedition gates need to be unlocked with the help of all guild members (similar to restoring a building in the guild province).

    But how are you going to enter the expeditions? Once your guild has restored the gate to the guild province, all members will gain access to the expeditions as well. Their entry points can be found in the guild province, on the travel map and a button will appear in the upper right corner of your Interface.

    Once you are in an expedition, you will face an infinite collection of very large mazes, unlike anything you have seen in the game before. The same is true of the battles that you will face there. While the creatures might look familiar, new and unlikely alliances have formed in this twisted world outside of Ashan and even the battlefields are not what they used to be. But no risk, no glory: You need to overcome all foes and collect their treasures in in order to go to the next maze.

    Overview map of a beginner maze (work in progress)

    Speaking of Treasures: You might find a treasure you cannot use or which is not useful for you. As the guild expeditions it is all about you, playing with your guild members, you will be able to gift any treasure you find and don’t need to any guild member – even if he or she is currently offline! Being away is no problem in the guild expedition anyway: You and your guild members can take your time when it suits you best– you can leave and enter an Expedition at any time you want, with the progress being saved for the whole guild.

    Playing in a guild has many advantages and progressing to the deeper mazes of an expedition has them too. The expedition treasures await you with artefacts, resources both for your Hero and your guild province and 12 new artefact sets, tailored specifically for the 4 Hero classes. Venturing as far as possible could therefore be really beneficial for the whole guild.

    Overview map of an advanced maze (work in progress)

    In the guild expedition you can show all of Ashan who is the leading guild. How the competition works in detail will be described in our next update. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas.
    May not only your name but also the name of your guild go down in the history of Ashan!

    Let us know your idea of the look & feel of a expedition here.

    Best regards,
    Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team
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