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Thread: Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 6

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    Guild Province Expeditions – Progress Update 6

    Dear Heroes,

    Our team is working very hard to finish the guild province expeditions and at the moment it looks like we can release the guild province expeditions at the deadline we have put in place. The team is now in the polishing phase, which means that all functions are implemented and will be tested in and out by our internal test team.
    We will update you as soon as the deployment date has been confirmed by the developer team.

    In the last update we have already told you more about the guild expeditions and what is waiting for you there. What we did not explain so far, is the competition between the guilds and what the benefits are for you.

    Once you decide to enter the guild expeditions you will be able to choose between the three available expeditions. The first expedition is unlocked right from the beginning while the other two need to be unlocked. In this screen you can also see which expedition level your own guild has reached so far. This is important, because all guilds face exactly the same expeditions with the same encounters to defeat, so you can easily compare their results. The guild which makes it the furthest in one expedition will be visible to all players and they become the so-called expedition leader.

    Two encounters waiting for the Hero (Work in progress)

    Why should you want to become the leader of an expedition?

    Well, there is the fame: Your guild’s name will be visible on the travel map for all players on the whole server, even if they are not in a guild! But there is also the new expedition guild buff: The guild which has advanced the furthest in one of the expeditions gets this new type of buff immediately, once they are in the lead of the expedition. It stays with your guild until another guild reaches a higher level in the same expedition.

    Travel map with direct access to the guild expeditions (normal state: not expanded)

    To ensure that no guild gets too far ahead and to ensure long-term challenge, expeditions will only last for a limited amount of time, the so called expedition season. Once the expedition season is over, all expeditions will be reset and all guilds will start at level 1 again. So there will always be the question how far you and your guild make it this season. And this will be tricky every time: You will always face completely new setups of maps and encounters, so no expedition and no season is the same.

    Expedition seasons also give us the chance to promote the guild which made it the furthest in one expedition or more at the season’s end. These guilds will receive a very special version of the expedition guild buff, depending on how many expeditions they have led. The entire guild will then benefit from it for the next expedition season!

    Overview screen of the axpeditions (work in progress)

    But enough theory, here is exactly, what you can expect for…

    … being the leader of any expedition:
    +100% Experience boost for the whole guild as long as you have the lead

    … being the leader of 1 expedition at season end:
    +100% Resources from gold, wood and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season

    … being the leader of 2 expeditions at season end:
    +100% Resources from wood, gold and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season
    +100% more crystals and dragonsteel from quests until the end of the next season

    … being the leader of 3 expeditions at season end:
    +100% Resource from wood, gold and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season
    +100% more crystals and dragonsteel from quests until the end of the next season
    +100% more expedition resources from inventory Items

    But there is even more! The guild expeditions are also the source for special resources you need to maintain and upgrade your guild province further. You can gather resources as rewards for defeating NPC in the mazes or you can find them hidden in the labyrinth. The rarest resources you will only find deep within an expedition.

    Some treasure chests in the maze, they can contain resources and items (work in progress)

    Becoming the dominating guild is not that easy but still achievable for all guilds. As you already know each guild expedition consist of an endless amount of mazes and the guild which has finished the most mazes is dominating a guild expedition.
    This guild will stay the dominating guild until another guild has finished more mazes.
    A maze can be perceived a bit like a party raid just for guilds but you can join or leave a maze at any time.

    All guild members will benefit from the expedition guild buffs the same way. There is no difference in the status of the guild member and in what he/she was able to contribute to the guild province or the guild expeditions. This will help your weakest member to become one of the greatest Heroes in the history of Ashan. And who knows: Maybe your guild will be that good, all players will soon know the name of your guild and want to be part of it.

    Are you as excited as we are about the guild province expedition? Let us know here in the discussion round.

    Best regards
    Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team
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