Dear Heroes,

While travelling through Ashan we have discovered an ancient treasure map, it contains a lot of random letters.
But are they random? After many days of brainstorming we decided to ask our sage for her wisdom. She gave us these riddles that should guide us towards the treasure:
"Founder of the Order of the Void"
"She is the creator Goddess"
"Lost inside an expedition"
"The hidden adventure"
"Never enough of those!"

Our troops have tried, but no luck so far.... we need your help brave Heroes! But remember: this is a treasure HUNT, the 10 fastest Heroes win!

How to win:
The FIRST 10 players who solve ALL riddles AND find their answers on the treasure map win a fantastic prize!
Choose between:
A Chest of Gold
A Chest of Wood
A Chest of Crystals
A Chest of Metal

What to do:
Solve these riddles and find their answers on the treasure map.
Take a screenshot of the answers marked on the treasure map.
Send your contributions to:
(Don’t forget to mention which prize you want to win!)

The rules:
Participants need to have an active MMHO game account.
Participants can only submit 1 contribution.
Participants agree that submitted contributions, including players’ names may be published by BlueByte. (On the website, forum and on Facebook.)
Employees of BlueByte (or moderators) and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
Any recourse to courts of law excluded.
This event will end on June the 3rd, all contributions after this date will be disqualified.

Best regards,
Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team