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Thread: Guild Province Expeditions – F.A.Q.

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    Guild Province Expeditions – F.A.Q.

    How do I get access to the guild province?
    Before you can enter the guild province you have to be in a guild which has already unlocked the guild province. Once your guild has unlocked the guild province you will be able to use a button in the upper right corner to teleport directly into the province.

    How can my guild unlock the guild province?
    To unlock the guild province for your guild, all members can contribute resources to the guild province gate. You can find it in the capital city of each faction, next to the guild quest table. This means, you can start working on the access to a guild province as soon as at least one guild member has access to one of the capital towns, but in fact, it will be really tough to unlock it already at this point and we recommend to have some level 30+ players in your guild. Of course, as soon as the gate is open all guild members will have access to the guild province.

    Can I build a guild province on my own?
    Strictly speaking yes, you can build a guild province on your own, as long as you are in a guild. Please keep in mind though, that the guild province is balanced for guilds with up to 50 members. So building a guild province alone, will cost you a lot of time and even more resources.

    What can I do with my guild province?
    The guild province gives you access to an exclusive area for your guild only. Here you can build various buildings to boost the success of your guild. Different buildings are waiting to be restored and put into action to assist your whole guild on their journey through Ashan.

    Which buildings can be restored in a guild province?
    • 4 very special guild troop dwellings
    • the good old guild billboard from your capital province
    • experienced artefact traders for all hero levels
    • your fellow traders from a marketplace near you: a scribe, an apothecary, a prestige trader and a hero seal trader
    • all the shrines of the world, put nicely in one spot:
    • banner of divine initiative
    • shrine of might
    • shrine of creature defense
    • shrine of magic
    • shrine of heroic support
    • shrine of luck
    • shrine of spirit
    • stone of enlightenment
    • 2 obelisks to make it easier to rediscover the forgotten sites

    What is special about these guild troop dwellings?
    These dwellings can recruit any creature you can control with your hero including event creatures with only one exception: ancient thunderbirds cannot be recruited in the guild troop dwelling. While you are restoring a guild troop dwelling, you can select which creature should be recruited there. But as the guild troop dwelling needs to “learn” to recruit the creature, you need to provide more than one creature of this kind to the dwelling. This also means, that in order to recruit a creature type in the guild troop dwelling you need to own this creature at first. It is not possible to “teach” a guild troop dwelling to recruit a creature which no one in your guild has in their army.

    Why can’t I recruit ancient thunderbirds in the guild troop dwelling?
    The ancient thunderbirds are creatures which power scales with magic and are therefore really powerful when they are used by magic heroes. In 2014 we asked you, the community, what we should do with them. With an overwhelming result you have voted to keep them in the game but without further option to get hold of them.

    Why is the guild troop dwelling always empty?
    The produced troops are not exclusively available to you only but to all your guild members. so if another guild member collected the creatures, you will have to wait until new creatures have been recruited.

    Can I change the creature which is being recruited in a guild troop dwelling?
    It is possible to change the creature which is recruited in a guild troop dwelling but we do not recommend doing so. In order to replace the creature you need to demolish the building, which also means all progress done on this building and all upgrades will be gone. The resources you have spent on this building will also be lost as there is no refund of these costs.

    Can I check who contributed/took something from a building?
    Yes, there is a guild log available where the contribution and the use of buildings is being saved. Each building has its own log which is accessible after you have clicked on the building.

    I have used “instant enlist” in a guild troop dwelling but there were no creatures in it afterwards.
    Please check the log for this building, another player might have recruited the creatures after you have clicked on “instant enlist”. Speak with your guild members before you use “instant enlist” as we cannot refund the hero seals spent in such cases as this is not a bug.

    Why did my building stop working?
    Some buildings (guild troop dwellings in particular) need to be maintained. These buildings are behaving different from the troop dwellings you know from your town. If they are not being maintained they will stop working until the maintenance is completed by the guild members.

    Why are the buildings in the guild province so expensive?
    As all guild members can contribute to restore, upgrade and maintain a building in the guild province, the costs for doing so are balanced accordingly for guilds with up to 50 members. While balancing the guild province, we took into account that not all guilds have 50 active members and calculated the values based on the average guild size. If every guild member contributes the same, the costs for each guild member on its own are rather low.

    Are there new shrines in the guild province?
    The shrines you can build in your guild province are those you can find all over Ashan. But the biggest benefit for you is, that you now have them on a central place and don’t have to search for them all over Ashan.

    What happens if I leave the guild while I am in the guild province?
    Your hero will be transferred to the province you were in before you had entered the guild province. All buffs you did have from the guild expeditions will be removed immediately.

    Can heroes, who are not in my guild, enter my guild province?
    No, only members of a guild can enter the province of this guild. It is not possible for other heroes to enter your guild province.

    Do the traders have different offers compared to those who can be found in other provinces such as Blackbough?
    The traders in your guild province and those traders which can be found in other provinces have the same offers. But in your guild province they are all nearby and centralized in one area. You don’t have to wander around to find all of them.

    To upgrade/maintain a building I need another resource, where do I get these new resources?
    These special resources can be found in the guild expeditions. They are waiting there to be found and collected by you. While you can get gold, wood, metal and crystals in the different provinces of Ashan, there are some special resources you need for your guild province which can only be found in the guild expeditions.

    Will I get some of the resources back when I leave a guild?
    The resources you have spent will not be refunded if you leave a guild.

    I do not agree with the decisions my guild leader made for the guild province, what can I do?
    The best approach would be to have a chat with the guild leader and explain them your concerns. If you can’t agree with them the last step would be leaving the guild and joining a new guild. Please understand that the MMHO-team will not act as a moderator for internal guild issues and cannot be held responsible for losses which may be the result for leaving a guild.

    How do I get access to the guild expeditions?
    Once your guild has gained the access to the guild province each member will also have access to the guild expeditions. While the first guild expedition is always open, the other two need to be unlocked by the guild.

    How many guild expeditions are there?
    We have 3 different expeditions waiting for you.

    How many mazes are in one guild expedition?
    There is an infinite amount of playable mazes in a guild expedition. Your guild can progress as far as it can within an expedition season.

    What is an expedition season?
    Each guild expedition can be dominated by a guild. Up to 3 guilds will get an immediate bonus for all of their guild members which last until another guild takes over the domination of this guild expedition. At the end of a guild expedition’s season, the dominating guild will get a bonus buff until the end of the next guild expedition season.
    The expedition seasons define the time a guild has to be the dominating guild. In order to ensure that also guilds who start later with their province can be the dominating guild, the expeditions will be reset after a certain amount of time.

    What is the duration of an expedition season?
    A season in the expeditions lasts for 1 week.

    How can my guild dominate a guild expedition?
    Becoming the dominating guild is not that easy but still achievable for all guilds. As you already know each guild expedition consists of an endless amount of mazes and the guild which completes the most mazes is dominating a guild expeditions.
    This guild will remain the dominating guild until another guild completes more mazes.
    A maze can be perceived a bit like a party raid just for guilds but you can join or leave a maze at any time.

    Which are the rewards I can get hold of by dominating a guild expedition?
    … being the leader of any expedition:
    +100% experience boost for the whole guild as long as you have the lead

    … being the leader of 1 expedition at season end:
    +100% resource from gold, wood and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season

    … being the leader of 2 expeditions at season end:
    +100% resource from wood, gold and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season
    +100% more crystals and dragonsteel from quests until the end of the next season

    … being the leader of 3 expeditions at season end:
    +100% resource from wood, gold and ore stashes in the province until the end of the next season
    +100% more crystals and dragonsteel from quests until the end of the next season
    +100% more expedition resources from inventory items

    Which type of rewards can be found in the guild expeditions?
    The guild expeditions are the source for special resources you need to maintain and upgrade your guild province further. You can gather resources as rewards for defeating NPCs in the mazes or you can find them hidden in the labyrinth. The rarest resources you will only find deep within an expedition.
    Furthermore, new and unique artefacts can be found in the guild expeditions.

    I did find something in a maze I can’t use for my hero!
    Loot you find in a maze can be shared with other guild members. Let say, you did find an artefact which is not very useful for you. Instead of throwing it away, you can now gift it to another guild member. This only works for items you have found in the maze and only if you didn’t take it for your hero!

    How do I finish a maze?
    First of all, you don’t have to finish it alone, all guild members can help to finish a maze by defeating the encounters which are placed in the maze.
    Having that said, once all encounters of a maze have been defeated, the maze is finished and you and your guild can start the next maze. But be careful: the encounters can respawn in a maze like they would do in a party-raid.

    Do I have to play a maze from the beginning to the end?
    No, you can join a maze at any time (exception: you can’t leave it when you are in a battle). You don’t have to play through the whole maze at once. Furthermore: you are not alone, your whole guild will play the same maze (it is a bit like a modified party-raid).

    Are all battles in a maze cooperative battles?
    No, not all battles in a maze are cooperative battles. There is a mix of single player battles and coop battles in the expeditions. Nevertheless, the guild expeditions are something to be played by the whole guild.

    What happens when I leave the guild and I am in a maze?
    You will be transferred to the last province you were in, which is not guild related.

    What happens when another guild takes over the domination of a guild expedition?
    The buffs from your hero will be removed. As soon as your guild is dominating the expedition again, the buffs will be reapplied on your hero,

    My guild was dominating an expedition most of the time, but the season reward went to another guild!
    The time your guild was dominating a guild expedition is not the key factor to win a season reward. When the season ends, the currently dominating guild will receive the season bonus. It is comparable to a race: you can be the 1st for 59 of 60 rounds, but if someone overtakes you in the last round, you will still be only second.

    Will I lose my season reward if I leave the guild?
    Yes, you will also lose the season reward if you leave the guild.

    Why do I not benefit from my guild with other heroes I play?
    The benefits a guild has achieved are only for the heroes which are in this guild. If your other hero is not in the same guild, you won’t get the benefits on this hero too.

    How can I access the guild expeditions?
    You can choose from 3 different methods to enter the guild expeditions. All have in common, that your guild needs to have unlocked the guild province.
    1. you can click on the button in the upper right corner
    2. you can select the guild expeditions on the travel-map
    3. you will find a gate to the guild expeditions in your guild province
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