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Thread: Guild province expeditions are live!

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    Guild province expeditions are live!

    Dear Heroes,

    Over the last weeks we have updated you regularly on the guild province expeditions and today we are happy to announce that the guild province expeditions have been added to our live servers!
    You can now found your guild province and start restoring it.
    As a reminder we have listed all of the news articles for you explaining you a lot about the guild province and guild expeditions:

    But we have also written a small summary of these great features for you:
    The guild province will give all guilds that unlock this feature their very own and private province. It will be accessible for guild members only and its progress will be shared among all of them. This is important, because the province itself has seen ages pass and is now in dire need for restoration. But with the hard work of every guild member it will soon become the place for your guild to meet, restock armies and get a hold of some buffs. Every single guild member can contribute to the growth of the province and feast on the fruits of the hard work at the end of the day.

    Then there are also the guild expeditions: You will face three guild expeditions, with each of them offering new maps, new encounter combinations, new rewards and an increasing difficulty, tailored towards guild play. An expedition itself has no end, but the guild that ventures the deepest will dominate this expedition. Why you would want to do this? First, the glory: Your guild will be shown as dominating guild of this expedition to all players on the server. Second, the twelve new artefact sets, the expedition resources for your guild and the other rewards hidden there. Third, the guild buffs that benefit your whole guild when you are leading an expedition.

    We are really happy to present you one of the biggest updates in the history of Ashan. It offers you way more than just new quests. For the first time you will be able to share the outcome of your hard work directly with your friends and allies.

    We are looking forward to your feedback, please leave it here.

    Small Changes
    • Battle maps in all provinces have been slightly adjusted to improve performance and provide more variety
    • Inventory: players can now shift+click on the delete button to remove a complete item stack from their inventories (a normal click deletes one item)
    • The quality color of artefacts from story boss battles have been changed from Legendary to Relics to reflect their actual power. All stats remain exactly the same, only the color has changed. All Legendaries that you find from now on in the game, will live up to their name. These changes also affect artefacts your Hero already owns.
    • The interface for artefact chests has been updated
    • Loading tips have been updated
    • The tutorial has been slightly adjusted
    • The ‘Week of Awesomeness’ bundle has been added to the shop

    Bug fixes
    • Players should no longer get placed outside of the map in coop raids
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a server error for players trying to quickly abort guild quests
    • Fixed a rare issue that prevented some players from getting the reward when reaching Dragon Knight Levels 30 and 60
    • Players should no longer see different battle power values when playing coop battles
    • Players should no longer see different heroic tiers when playing heroic coop battles
    • When retrying a heroic battle the heroic tier should no longer reset to 1
    • Might heroes now have correct unit stack sizes in the Forgotten Sites
    • Options menu: Added an option to enable/disable additional graphical effects
    • The endgame boss "Abyssal Worm" is now using his ability "Lava Crust" again
    • The description of the “Shantiri Storms” “Weakness” ability has been corrected
    • Optimized the hitboxes of some pets so that they no longer block clicks on other objects
    • The sound played when a PvP opponent has been found has been adjusted
    • The "Scroll of Arcane Burst" now correctly casts “Arcane Burst" instead of "Arcane Blast"
    • Fixed an issue that caused some stats of certain artefacts to be displayed as “(error)” in their tooltips
    • Inventory: When having more than one stack of a consumable item in your inventory, used items will now be taken from the smaller stack first
    • Interface: Some low resolution icons have been replaced by high-res versions
    • We have adjusted some encounter names so it should be clearer now which types are required for annihilate type guild missions
    • The content of the “Gamblemaster's” chests in the Whispering Plains has been adjusted
    • Town: Fixed display of some tooltips in the town that weren’t fully visible on lower resolutions
    • Localization: The "Heroically Inclined" achievement no longer has a misleading Polish translation
    • Localization: All Coop Raid rewards should now be fully translated and properly displayed
    • Localization: The ability “Immolating Nova” should now be correctly translated in all languages
    • Localization: Corrected several small typos and fixed the display of some truncated texts in the Shop
    • Corrected the hotkey for the Mailbox to “B” in the Polish version of the game
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