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Thread: [Finished] Get your rhyme on!

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    Cool [Finished] Get your rhyme on!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mordyval View Post
    An Arch-lich from Nar Heresh,
    Planned on Haven a harress.
    Dark magic he had prepared,
    But in the end, noone dared.
    That's the story of the lich of cowardness.
    Quote Originally Posted by SETH1046 View Post
    There once was a man from Falcon Reach.
    Who's gate he attempted to breach.
    He passed through the gate
    Not knowing his fate
    And ended up being beached
    These 2 creative players have posted rhymes in the big login-issues topic while waiting for our teams to work hard on a long-term solution. Then we thought; Let's create an event while waiting!

    So SETH1046 and Mordyval are the first 2 participants, will you be the next one?

    The prizes:
    There is of course also an awesome reward to win!

    The new shop addition: 'The Week of Awesomeness Set'
    This set contains:
    7 Day Super Shard
    7 Day Enemy Details License
    7 Day Battle Retry License
    3 Day Auto Battle License
    10 obelisk Shards

    How to win:
    Send your contributions to:
    Tomorrow at 15:00CEST we will close this topic and open a poll where every player can vote for their favourite rhyme over the weekend. On Monday June the 8th we will close the poll at 15:00CEST and then we know who the big winner is!

    The rules:
    * Participants need to have an active MMHO game account.
    * Participants can only submit 1 rhyme.
    * Participants agree that submitted contributions, including players’ names may be published by BlueByte. (On the website, forum and on Facebook.)
    * Employees of BlueByte and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
    * Any recourse to courts of law excluded.

    Keep in mind to follow the forum and game-rules in this topic/event as well. Thank you and good luck!
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