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Thread: Changelog: Version 173

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    Changelog: Version 173

    Dear Heroes,

    We would like to inform you about the deployed changes. While our team is working on the login issues we are currently facing, we also have some changes and bug fixes for you.

    Do you want to discuss the changes? Feel free to do so in the discussion round.

    New Pet animations
    • Your pets now have new animations. They will be sad when you lose a stack on the battlefield and are really happy if you kill an enemy stack. Keep an eye on your pet during a battle!

    New Faction selection screen
    • We have reworked the faction selection when creating a new hero. It now fits in better with the other screens we have in the game and is a bit easier. Especially for someone who is playing MMHO for the first time.

    Changes for the Expeditions
    • We have adjusted the difficulty of expeditions after level 20. The experience should now be better paced in terms of encounter strength.
    • There is now a time limit for picking up, trashing or gifting chests in expeditions to prevent issues, if an expedition gets finished, before the player decided what to do with the artefact.
    • Expeditions can now be unlocked in the "expedition details view" too

    Login issues
    • Our team has implemented further fixes for the current login issues. Although the developers and QA are testing the game on our local test servers in and out, there is a chance that this won't resolve the login issues for everyone. We are looking forward to your feedback and will continue to search and fix the source of these issues.

    Fixed Bugs
    • Expeditions: Fixed a bug that prevented some players from entering the next Expedition after picking up all victory chests
    • Expeditions: Fixed an expedition encounter that was located outside the map
    • Expeditions: Using the “E” hotkey no longer enables players to access Expeditions without unlocking the Guild Province first
    • Expeditions: Starting/winning a coop battle now triggers the correct toast messages
    • Expeditions: The “Best of Server” value is now displayed correctly (sometimes the displayed value used to be offset by 1)
    • Quests: Angel Feathers/Phantom Coins quests now grant more troops
    • Quests: The reward for quest “Outpost Come, Outpost Go” has been adjusted (before the player was rewarded with exactly the same amount of wood he had to deliver)
    • Quests: "The Caretaker" should now always be tracked correctly
    • Quests: "Support Orik" should now always be tracked correctly
    • Quests: Guild Quests should no longer be reset after a new game version has been deployed
    • Quests: The dialog of the “Buy a 3 day combo shard” quest has been corrected (was still referring to the 7 day speed shard)
    • Shop: The “Battle Power Pack” & “Starter Set” now contain the same amount of resources as the normal "Cartloads of"
    • Town: Resources spent for a building upgrade are now refunded up to the resource limit when cancelling it
    • Friend List: Players now get a hint message when trying to invite a non-existing player
    • PvP league: Places 51-90 should now be displayed correctly after relogging into the game
    • Exploit: It is no longer possible to skip PvP battles without losses by clicking "retreat" or logging out before the battle is fully loaded
    • Exploit: Using “Taunt” against the “The Great Old One” will no longer cause 0 DMG attacks
    • Achievements: “The Line Of Full Resistance” achievement should now be completable for all players
    • Battles: The attack range of the "Rotten Slaughterer" is now displayed correctly
    • Battles: Battlefield objects can now also be targeted by the following spells: Sunburst, Empowered Bolt, Soul Mark, Arcane Blast, Mighty Strike, Sundering Strike, Maiming Strike
    • Spellbook: the Quick Access assignment has been revised
    • The animation of the Bear pet has been adjusted
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