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Thread: price of building of guild (dwelling)

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    price of building of guild (dwelling)

    I want speak dwelling tiers.
    we give 1800 basic units and the dwelling produce 300 /6 hours so 1200 days ans 12000 after 10 days after we must paid 20 k seals.
    we earn 10200 basic unit and paid 258900 steal 214200 cristal 5000 dust and 1900 orb so
    one 1 basic unit cost 25 steal 21 cristal and 1/2 dust 1/5 orb so one pack cost
    7500 steal and 6300 cristal , 150 dust , 60 orb

    so we prefer farm event more build dwelling it is joke why we build this atfer ?

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    don't worry after 10 day DON'T need too be rebuild it, u just need pretty small amount of resource to recharge it, and each time u lvled it time left will be reset to 10 day (if u wanna lving it then best is doing it at last day)

    rechargin cost for faclees is something like 8k dragon steel and crystal and 100 expedipion sferes
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    Lol, expensive resources to build the dwelling and after 10 days, need 10k resources and Spheres to recharge?
    Spheres are hard to find, many times we get dust...
    My guild was very excited with this update for guilds, but it ended up being sad for us, it seems that the raids are still the best alternative, after all, are few fights to get a good reward with XP and artifacts ...

    But now my focus is wait for a possible update to the Heaven Knights skills, this is my last hope of getting something positive with the latest updates applied in the game

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