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Thread: Changelog: Version 180

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    Changelog: Version 180

    Dear Heroes,

    We would like to inform you about the latest changes we deployed today. Please note that this version is a bug fix version.

    To the discussion round

    Bug fixes

    • The maintenance of the guild dwellings has been fixed and recruits are coming from all over the world
    • The tooltips of the turse of tneptitude from the tpecters has been adjusted. It should not prevent retaliation!
    • All players should now be able to use the 3day combo shard again
    • Expedition battles in which the enemy has been retreated is no longer displayed as “Defeat” in the expedition log
    • Now the scrolls we removed from the shop will no longer be sold by the scribes in ashan
    • Disbanding the guild will no longer block the alliance functions of allies
    • All guild members no can access the unlocked guild province via the guild province teleport button
    • We fixed some minor clipping issues around the guild hq
    • We updated the friend referral reward screen.
    • All players in the early game who should have access to the 3Day Combo Shard will now see it in the SHOP, it will not be visible for everyone else.
    • We have adjusted the retreat text in the PvP to negate confusion about lost troops
    • The Abilities Desolation and Rise Dead of the Necro Faction have been adjusted. They will now trigger only once and not once per trigger per unit
    • We’ve adjusted the tooltip of the construction licenses in the upper center of the HUD
    • We fixed the Life Drain ability so creatures with special attacks will heal themselves properly
    • In some combinations of creatures and abilities it was possible to have ranged retaliation – we got rid of that.
    • We adjusted the ability Time Flows of the Fate Weavers: Now the duration of debuffs will be updated immediately
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