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Thread: Bug in a quest " deamer of fate " in french "gardien des lamentations"

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    Bug in a quest " deamer of fate " in french "gardien des lamentations"

    As usually this quest was in 2 parts or steps. Yesterday, I won the first one with few losses but I had to refresh the page one or 2 times and that took me time to go back and I had no more shrines...
    Then for the second stage I had to kill the boss of course but also 2 "carrefours sombres (dark crossroads or sink holes) producing 100 NPC every 2 turns.
    So I eliminated these black holes and got the indication : eliminate carrefours sombres: 2/2 but the game freeze and I had to refresh it once more. And this time I had to restart with password, choose character join again the battle screen and tfinish the quest.
    Then I was surprise to see that screen: url=][/url]
    The 2 black holes desappeared but not the blue signs showing their former places and as you can notice it no indication of being destroyed : 0/2 !
    I killed the boss but in spite of that the quest wasn't finished ! So I had to get rid of all the ennemies that caused me big losses and at least 2 mana potions...

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    Hello felenius,

    Thank you for informing us about this bug. If you haven't done already; contact our support team about this issue, and provide as much information as possible.

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