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Thread: Changelog Version 183

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    Changelog Version 183

    Dear Heroes,

    We have deployed several bug fixes today and we would like to inform you about theses fixes. Our team is also focusing on the login issues some of you are still facing from time to time.

    You can find a discussion round for this version here.

    Bug fixes
    • We have fixed a bug which made it possible to enter a PvP battle with only one stack.
    • The ‘Collector of the Spheres’ achievement can be completed again.
    • We have fixed an issue with the troop dwellings which caused endless loading when the building was recharged.
    • We have fixed the Error #26 after pressing the revive button in the Forgotten Sites.
    • It is no longer possible to have more than one guild leader.
    • We have fixed a display issue with heroic levels where level was shown as 14, while the hero had heroic level 13.
    • The form will now close once mail to the guild is being sent
    • We have disabled the cooperative invite box for several battles in the tutorial as these battles can’t be fought in coop.
    • Friend Referral: we adjusted the reward display to ensure that the rewards are being displayed correctly.
    • Gifted items from purchased bundles can no longer be redeemed multiple times.
    • We have replaced a misleading button in enemy details.
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