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Thread: Forgotten sites: end of a battle

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    Forgotten sites: end of a battle

    I was in a forgotten site yesterday and at the beginning (first battle to get reinforcement) I had some losses but i win the fight. Then after the screen "victory" and the count of my losses, I had 2 possibilities with 2 buttons to click
    1 . try again and pay 99 seals
    2. ressuscite( resurrect) the lost troops with some seals.

    As I had lost some troops in this first fight and in order to get complete stack for thr following fight, I clicked on the button " ressusciter"!
    But then I got a message with "fatal error n°...." and was obliged to connect again. However when I joined the forgotten site I saw The NPC was here, the paiement for resurrection had not be done and I had my potion again, exactly as if I never fought . I thought it was caused but an eratic connexion as we have in the game from time to time!
    So I had to made it again but that time the losses were bigger and i clicked on "resurrecting creatures..." Once again the same fatal error message ! and I had to start over the fight, with my items complete, just as if i never fought !
    For the third time I wan but at the end I didn't push any button, except to click on "close" to be back in the hall of the forgotten site where I could take the reinforts .

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    Hello Felenius,

    That is really unfortunate! Please contact our support team to investigate this issue.

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