Hi there!

I'm 31 year old Danish male with a wife, two kids and a full time job. I've played a few but intense time consuming MMO games on a hardcore and all time based level. Games like Wow, Diablo, Starcraft II, Starwars and Rift. Besides all of the Heroes of Might games. I know my way around grinding, co-ops and character builds.

I'm not a full time gamer by far any more, but I enjoy a few late hours almost every day. I love to combine social guild networks with a mature set-up, along with Raids and PvP.

I currently play a Cleric with a Primal/Light spec and pack some melee power as well. I'm currently lvl 21 and been doing things on my own and some lvl 0 raids with casual payers.

If you have an open spot in your guild, I´ll be happy to join you

/best regards