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Thread: BUG initiative in expedition coop 57+

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    BUG initiative in expedition coop 57+

    Shipping 57 at 10:50 approximately. Battle with over 100 faceless.

    All going well I look at who play first, and well before enemi I play, I'm going to kill him.
    Except not. There was still an initiative bug (I had the cry +3 and the altar +5).

    90 of faceless lost about. I did not expect at this fuc*ing bug. I 'm disgust.
    Could not restart, the license for do this does NOT WORK in cooperation.

    thanx for this bug game, and for my money.

    Now dear developer plz, you find my fight in your history, you find the bug and you restore my losses, thank you in advance.
    Or else I not spend any other euro in this game because the money spent is lost!

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    Hello, I have my main collection(quest) which(who) is buggy, " the rite " of the blow I may not move forward in the game(set,play) which can not have my building permits, I killed the wanted creature but may not return the seen artefact that I have him(it) nor any other than I possess.
    Possible of reset my collection(quest) would be it that I can begin again her(it) and take advantage of all the game(set,play) because for the moment except for of zombies and of the archer skeleton I may not have other thing in creatures thus little moved forward.
    Thank you beforehand cordially thorgal

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    Thank you for informing us about these issues. If you require further assistance please contact our support team and they will look into the issue for you.

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    Hi Gauldroth , playing with the Faceless is in this error -infested game always a very big risk . You take other creatures , and in the game bar will appear to you that you come off next. But this is often not the case , so it can cause major losses due to the incorrect display . This interested the gaming operator but not really .
    I hope you have a screenshot of the awkward situation , because otherwise not at all interested to support . At least it was for me so far like that. If you , however, without a refund Screenshot get I would be glad if you would briefly sign up .

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