Hello Heros of Ashan,

you want to play a raid but nobody is here to play with you? Yes, you can ask at your guild- or at the allianzchat and if you don`t find one your last hope is the global chat. Often you have to wait a long period to get enough players to do a raid. This is the cause why we, DieErbenAshans, assembled a raid-planner and we offer you to use it.

You can find it at your homepage: http://die-erben-ashans.de

This is a German language page. Actually for using the raid-planner you don’t need to write german. To make use of the raid-planner you have to get an account of the forum. It would be best if you take your ingame name (main character). You will find the planner under the column: "Termine"

The use should be self explanatory. If there are questions we, the guild DieErbenAshans, will help. Simply write a message to asurason, lordhelix or to travi. When you arrange a date for a raid (“Neuer Termin”) please be sure to choose the category global.