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  • CLA - TrueAlexandr

    72 20.99%
  • CLB - Ajiram

    167 48.69%
  • CLB - Musecab

    34 9.91%
  • CLA - o_gierek

    32 9.33%
  • CLB - Lunzerion

    32 9.33%
  • CLA - Maniek123404

    6 1.75%
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Thread: Are you a TRUE Hero?

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    Are you a TRUE Hero?

    Dear Heroes,

    The contribution phase has ended in the Heroes VII contest, and we now continue to the voting phase! Please vote for your favourite contribution, this poll will close on October the 16th.

    Here are the contributions in random order:

    CLB - Ajiram

    CLB - Musecab
    I’ve been a single father of two for 10 years now. I’ve played Heroes and dearly loved the series since Heroes II came out. Life has been hard for my kids and I. We generally live month to month, but yet we share an enormous amount of love for one another and never cease to take advantage of time to play together. The Heroes series is especially fond in our family as my son and I have spent countless hours playing hot seat together, listening to music, laughing and sharing strategy ideas. The investment in your games has always paid for itself many times over in quality time together. We still play today even though he is 19 now. His younger sister loves to draw and be near us when we do. (She doesn’t have the patience for strategy games to play J) My boy brought the new addition to my attention and we hope to get a copy soon, but hard times have hit us this year. Maybe Christmas. Regardless if you choose us for a winner, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the continued adventures you provide us.

    CLA - o_gierek

    CLB - Lunzerion

    CLA - Maniek123404
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