Exchange it for the core units and store it up along with those default core dwellings, eventually you will get plenty of them. Troops bailiff let you store up to 3000 of them the garrison will not be enough of use. ps: On regular basis get your elites glories or archliches to do the work for you.

Better to exchange for 100 sentinels at Namtaru's Claws: The Lower Marshlands or 100 ghouls at Blackbough: Northen Plateu.

On a consecutive login you get a 5 mins auto battle for free. This is a certificate which will cause casualties to your troops. However it will quicken battles for the cost. Boost up your bp before you get into battle, take these core units and storm into npc get their woods or metal, you can use them to against expert battle too. Hit 1 round of expert battle for the town quest and rumble to the next to gather resources. This is better than just sell them away...right?

For newbies to get essentials resources quickly is to use these items to change for armies. Unless you want the elite units if not just exchange it for 1 type units(easier to store)

ps: I had exchanged feathers for cavaliers because i do not own a dwelling of them. As a haven clerics I open up the dwelling for glories and a builder hall to upgrade the glories other resources I am getting to garrison to store armies.