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    DarkGlow Thread

    DarkGlow is an active Guild looking for active players that are above level 25 and have good knowledge of the game. (we don't have many spots left in guild).
    We do Raids , we help each other , and really useful tips from more experienced players

    Guild Rules:
    1.Be Respectful to all Members
    2.Be active , if have a reason not to notify me In an privet message.
    3.Be mature Be a classy person.
    4.No racism Will not tolerate it.

    Guild Info:
    We are currently - 44 Members

    Guild Black List:

    Guilds Alliance:

    Guilds Special Credit to Great members Weekly Mention:
    Ehhlac - Really Active gave really good Tips to all members
    DJ_Omar - Donating Helping others
    john1513a - Donated a lot to guild

    Guild Member list:


    EvillMaster - I am The all Mighty Dark One

    Head Officer

    Ehhlac - Master Mind


    Duderbutter - Silent But Deadly

    Stargonith - Mr. Star

    Head Sergeant

    DJ_Omar - DJ Fear me


    Arkon73rus - 73 is not just a number its life

    morphagon - patient, deliberate and heaps of free time

    ZombieWombat - Even Necromancer needs to be pretty

    joda3 - Position Yoga 3

    orgonefreak - you think I am a freak look at you!


    Majaja - MariJuvana

    PetreFlorian - PeterParker

    Silva6 - Don't need Gold give me Silver

    giakoum - Giant Love

    jay42974 - My low level Child

    Ashlar59 - My Preciouses

    CrashRide - I crash Girls hearts too

    Drachenkind0 - Agent 0

    DragonbornXX - The XX doesn't stand to what you think

    Figelion - For Justice

    Freedom5 - Free the Slaves

    Frozendancer - The Frozennador

    Kalighordar - Kelly

    Kratoruszart - Kelly 2

    LilyBouille - Bounty Hunter

    Lord_Malrac - Lord of the Rings

    Lynaestra - Nighty Night

    Propater - Poster Boy

    Silgrath - The Graph shows that I have 90% to beat you

    Smokingslim - Smoke me I am good for you

    Ursula7 - UrAnus 007

    Vugluskr0 - Student of Agent 0

    Yap2x - Don't take Her from me

    YuanG - Be aware, Im going up the laddar~!

    fluukie - fluukie loves to Spank Them Ghouls

    lordashmore - You Hide some thing from me ?

    peikor - This is what I do

    plumz - plumz the Crime away

    q10q - don't look at my face!

    tal1 - wanted to type talk but ...

    New Members

    Drakona2 - Fresh Squeeze

    Fjurra - FuterRama

    Narime_ - Say My name
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