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Thread: End of pumpkin's event or still going on?

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    End of pumpkin's event or still going on?

    Sorry but i can't understand what it means!
    Date de publication : 10.11.2015 10:30:00
    Dear Heroes,

    Oops, it looks like we forgot to turn off the 'Week of Fear' event.
    That gives you time to gather a bit more pumpkins. Get the cute little Maniac pet and collect the great attire set, so you can ride your horse in style!

    Best regards,
    Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team
    This message means for me that it is possible to get pumpkins and I thought that, as this event was proposed for one more week, I had the opportunity to get pumpkins by fighting special PNP as before in the past week.
    In fact I realized that it was impossible ; the quest is no more active and I can't find any special PNP of this event.
    Finally the only way to have some more pumpkins is the shop.
    So it could be fair to precise that we only have the opportunity to gather "a bit more pumpkins" by spending seal in the shop!

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    Hi Felenius,

    Thank you for your feedback, I will pass it on.

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