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Thread: Skilfull seek for skilfull major guild

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    Skilfull seek for skilfull major guild

    1. Hello - i was a hardcore Heroes 3 player. I found that new online version from Ubisoft just before several days. I think is a closest from all issues to the legendary game 3.
    2. I am new to Heroes Online, but about the battles is really close to the tactic and strategies from of Heroes 3 battles.
    3. So i looking for an really improved guild.
    4. I am 25-th level now, battle cleric.
    5. Some screens from some my battles /random prints/:

    On of my last epic battles till now. Agains Erion Executor. No shrines, no scrolls. Rune of spirit used.

    My last goal. Sandro down without losses. Fresh 30th level, 29.5k BP.

    Daeva battle - two stages - each stage x 2 rounds.
    This is screen from first stage:

    The good players, can see, what i mean.
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