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Thread: Seek for a leading guild | i am old heroes player

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    Seek for a leading guild | i am old heroes player

    Hi, i play Heroes periodically from Heroes 3 till now with this online game.
    I think for myself that i am at world skill class with combats in this game. Sometime i also did any wrong moves, i am human. I like the game, whenever that MMHO need very huge changes to be balanced it is just the only options now.
    I am active from daily hours to the midnight.
    I know the game from the earlier, know the endgame expeditions issues. Now play from 5 days with Haven Knight (i know, i know haven knight is not is the best choice, from many people opinion is the worst, because do not have control spells.) But i think that haven knight in the first place is amazing for coop trials with cleric together. He also can soloing high expeditions solo trials, but need very proper control and units which can control the enemies like the faceless(because the knight do not have control spells)...
    I did Sandro at level 28 with with mine developed tactic with one stack of angels, five stacks of blazing glories and two turns per round. I tried few times before defeating Sandro without to lose any unit. Just say this for any proof that i am not bad in combats and with tactics.

    I seek for guild with active players, and guild which did massive attack on the expedition gates with several players in example. Will be nice if i can join to that guild.

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    Racine, Wisconsin, USA
    Find me in game if you are still looking for a good guild ..we have a best of exp maze 41 and do maze season 2 weeks in every 4 weeks
    SETH1047 , SETH1048 (HONORandRESPECT)
    SETH1045 , SETH1046 (HandR_TRAINEES

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