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Thread: DK 32: Looking for a guild

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    Aug 2015

    DK 32: Looking for a guild

    Hello, I am looking for a guild that only has all the shrines.

    My player profile:


    LvL 30 DK 32
    Haven magic
    Raid 8
    T 13

    I am looking for a guild that conducts expeditions mainly for resources, raid and guild quests.

    I am French, my English is not perfect (I also used a translator when it comes to talk on this forum) but when it comes to talk about the game, I understand almost everything.
    I also have an interesting creatures panel.

    If someone wants to contact me about this, you can find me under the nicknames: Vanguard791 (main) Arcane791 (alt).
    I'm in a guild, for eventual transfer it will take 24 hours.


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    Dec 2014
    Racine, Wisconsin, USA
    Contact one of my heros in game if you are still looking for a guild
    SETH1047 , SETH1048 (HONORandRESPECT)
    SETH1045 , SETH1046 (HandR_TRAINEES

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