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Thread: Lightwaves Guild recruiting Active Team Players LVL 30+ for Adventures in Ashan

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    Lightwaves Guild recruiting Active Team Players LVL 30+ for Adventures in Ashan

    Lightwaves Guild is recruiting active team players lvl 30+ to join in Guild Expeditions, Quests and Raids.

    We have all Shrines built and active every 30 minutes, Guild Headquarters, 3/4 Traders, Drifting faceless, Thunderbirds. We have Troop Dwellings filed with Tranquility Guardians and Soul Redeemers- no resources. We have 3 Expedition Gates open now.

    Each member is required to defeat 15 Expedition battles/week, contribute 300 crystals/week to designated Province building under construction/maintenance and contribute all Prestige Points from Guild Quests to designated Province buildings under construction/maintenance until completed at which point personal use is allowed.

    We have access to T13 players who will push players to receive T13 gear.

    All Expedition gear is distributed to those in need.

    We love to have fun, joke around but keep our guild moving forward at the same time, for the guild and ultimately to advance individual heroes.

    We are prioritizing Expeditions, Guild Quests and in the process of organizing Guild Raids.

    If interested please mail Drazzeric/DeathCreeper (Guild Leader) or Officers Nivekson/Niverious, Kvappe or Sinaholic.



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    If i can give my advice, 15 expe battles for week is too low.

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