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Thread: Acheivment "Rise And Shine" [reach 60 hero levels] requires 3 heroes?

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    Acheivment "Rise And Shine" [reach 60 hero levels] requires 3 heroes?

    Why do the "Rise And Shine" and "Reside And Rule" achievements require 3 & 4 heroes respectively to attain?

    i.e., two heroes each reaching level 30, only registers as 96% (58/60), and you then need an additional level 3 hero to complete it. The same equation applies when aiming for 90 hero levels. It cannot be done without purchasing additional heroes. Is this simply a mistake or is it intentional that hero level 1 does not count towards either of those achievements?

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    Hello NowhereBoy,

    Some of the achievements in game take a little longer to achieve. Thank you for sharing your feedback, I will forward it to the appropriate team.

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