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Thread: Knights4fun and the Knightsforfun accepts new entrys

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    Knights4fun and the Knightsforfun accepts new entrys

    German language Guild accepts new entrys.
    We are the Knights4fun and the knightsforfun, a dual guild, as we try enable players with more than one char, to stay and play in one guild.
    Our guild name states what our priority is: real life has to stay the most important and the game has to be something to have fun.We don´t insist that everyone shows up each day, but if someone will be longer not available, we would apriciate, that he or she announces a stay off.Players being longer not available than a period of 80 days will no longer make part of the guild, but they allways can come back, when they return.

    As we want to stimulate the guild-life, we try to use the guild chat or the guild alliance chat in first. Only if there is no one present, we switch to the other channels.We play together. That means, every playset, made to play at least in a coop-mode ore more (raids, expeditions, hero-fights, weekly bosses...) we try to finish this fight with guild members or guild alliance members, to raise fun within the guild and the guild alliance.
    As every guild member profits from the guild area, support of the guild area is a duty for all guild members. Building up or rebuildíng is neccesary to get the most benefit for every one.

    So we are looking for members, atracted by this description and willing to be a part of a living little community within the community of HMMO.
    So contact Nickolodeon, DarkPancho01 or White_Dwarf.

    Be welcome

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    how do I contact Nickolodeon, DarkPancho01 or White_Dwarf., I am interested in joining your gild

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