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Thread: Game needs some changes and some attention :(

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    Unhappy Game needs some changes and some attention :(

    I knew that we had a version of the game on steam from a couple of months ago, by curiosity I went today to the main website to check the page.

    I know the game situation is bad, but I really got surprised with the bad feedback .... literally 80% of the comments are negative and most talking of something I mentioned before, that the game is tending to go for full P2W game. Some of the "good" feedbacks are actually a joke when they say: "Yeah, uninstall button works pretty well!" loool

    I never played on this "steam" version, since you can't log in your old account there, however some friends told me that the steam version is literally the same thing.

    So many people love heroes franchise, this game could be so successful if the devs could give some attention like in the past and stop being so greedy about the money ..... of course, they deserve being very well paid for their work, but doesn't need to squeeze every single cent from whatever they can, like small standard space in bags with no bank system, expensive event units in which you have to farm endless to get a couple of stacks if you don't plan to spend seals on that, achievements in which you _have_ to spend money to get them (like Guild Legend title), maximum limit of resources, and so on...

    And when I started playing here, almost a year ago, I noticed that updates where so frequent, even before I started I saw in the previous logs so many things that they fixed and/or changed in each update, so many things being done to let the game better and a few months after I started, all of a sudden, everything stopped, no more updates, login and chat bugs that sometimes endured for days, nowadays they only do a server reset at Friday in which they call as "short weekly maintenance" to look like they are really doing something "important".

    On the main website for the heroes franchise, our online version is still mentioned as a "beta game" in which I believe is not that encouraging for people to try .... I saw some posts in the past in which the mods indeed say that this is a "beta" version still .... but a true beta version stay for a few months and when it's done, everything is deleted so the "real thing" can start ..... calling this, for 3 years or more of "beta" is just to justified all the bugs that are here since the beginning?

    I'm sorry for all this negative rant .... as I said before, all the people working for the game deserves to be well paid, but there's no need to be fully greed to achieve that.
    I'm just a heroes' lover that wants to see this so expected online version go as successful as all the others off-line versions of the game, just as heroes 2, 3 even 4 and 5.

    The game has such potential, just need real attention, development and some communication between devs and players.

    Btw, the devs' blog last update was almost a year ago
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    Dear Leraf,

    thank you very much for your feedback! I will forward it.

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