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Thread: Some thoughts on useful skills/scrolls for siege

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    Post Some thoughts on useful skills/scrolls for siege

    Hi all,
    I am a new lvl 30 necro and this is my first thread, so pls bear with me if I make any mistake (helping me fix it is even better

    Here is a list of useful skills/scrolls for siege. Skills are color coded: green for dark faction, and blue for light faction, black for common skills of both factions. The skills listed here are mostly for dealing with fortifications and machines as other skills for dealing with enemy troops can be found in other posts already, for example this
    • Soul mark: to reduce defense of fire pot launcher/towers/gate/walls so that your catapult can finish them off ASAP.
    • Dispel magic: to free your troops from Ankrath fire of the fire pot launcher
    • Heal family skills/scrolls like heal core/elite, regeneration, life drain, curse of the nether world: self explain
    • Sanctuary: self explain, necro or DK can buy scrolls
    • Rush: to spread your troops so that only a minimum number (ideally 1) of stacks being hit by the fire pot launcher if you cannot destroy it in time

    Tips: on the first round, do Not waste Soul Mark and your catapult on the gate, instead wait for an enemy stack to run out and the gate will be opened for you, then cast SM and fire your catapult at the fire pot launcher. With luck you can finish off the launcher in 1st round, otherwise you still can finish it in 2nd round with default atk of your hero. Then your next target should be two towers. Having said this, you should focus fire power of your range troop on one of the two walls so that you can crack it open and attack the towers ASAP.

    If you have more ideas, do not hesitate to complement this list, cheers
    IGN: hoxung81
    Guild: Fur Elise
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    Thanks for sharing

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